President encourages use of e-pledges

Dear Madison College Employees:

The Combined Charitable Campaign is off to a great start!  Currently, pledges have surpassed the $29,000 mark and our October events have raised almost $2,000!  I’m encouraging all of you to pledge using the epledge site (linked here) to help us reach the $76,000 goal. 

Please note that contributions made through the campaign are not automatically renewed, so if you contributed last year and want to continue, you will need to submit your pledge before December 20th.

Join me in bringing positive change to our community. The video below showcases the impact your contributions have on our students and demonstrates why some of your colleagues contribute to the campaign.


“Give a little, help a lot.”


Jack E. Daniels, III



Published November 15, 2019.

Professional Development team changes name

The Professional Development team is now Employee Learning & Organizational Development (ELOD). The new name better emphasizes the team’s continued focus on Madison College employees and providing opportunities for employees to learn and grow. Still part of the Human Resources department, ELOD offers employee learning opportunities such as New Employee Orientation, First Fridays, Everyday Leadership and Manager Training. They manage Madison College Learn (our college-wide learning management system).

Services will also expand to create on-demand trainings as well as live-streamed events. The team also provides funding for tuition reimbursement, Madison College classes, professional development opportunities and the Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute (WLDI).

The other part of the name, Organizational Development, is new and a great complement to employee learning. The purpose of OD is, through a focus on people, structure, routines and culture, to enhance how the organization functions in alignment with the college’s strategic goals.

ELOD provides team effectiveness sessions to departments. They work closely with our HR Business Partners and leaders around the college to ensure the organizational structure evolves strategically and holistically. Finally, there is a focus on shaping the routines and culture within our college through functions such as Madison College Matters, internal communications, College Community Days and more.

The ELOD team looks forward to partnering with all areas to continue building programs and creating opportunities that will benefit all Madison College employees and the college.

Employee Learning & Organizational Development team


Kristin Polywacz, Amy Russell and Jodi Jensen-Schuelke.

Published November 15, 2019.

New intranet test drive in early December

The Madison College intranet, our new foundation piece to empower College-wide collaboration, knowledge management and communications, is nearing its launch on Friday, Dec. 20. Madison College intranet will replace our current Fac/Staff Drupal site.

Mobile ready with a responsive interface, our faculty and staff will be able to use any device to access news, announcements, calendars, tasks, recent documents and common services and tools from this single source. It becomes the singular starting point to our daily work.  ​ 

Communication enhancements on our Intranet site include Featured News, Recommended News, the user's top 20 followed sites; and the user's frequently visited sites. The Home Page will also display direct links to Regional News and Departmental Newsletters. Additional communication advancements involve improving access to noteworthy calendar items and allowing the user to put events directly onto their Outlook calendar. 

Sneak Peeks 

Starting in early December, in addition to demos in departmental meetings, regional visits and “hands-on” stations at the Truax campus, users will have an opportunity to take a test drive to get a head start using this smart and integrated system. Those attending will be able to customize their own home page and learn how best to find what they need to do their work. Look for a full schedule in future Matters articles.    

Published November 15, 2019.

Bucky on Parade documentary unveiled

As you may remember, Madison College played a central role in the success of last summer's epic Bucky on Parade event. Not only did the project raise over $1 million for local charities, our faculty and staff added immense value and the college gained significant positive public relations. From our two featured faculty artists, to the incredible ASET team, to our creative staff in marketing, to our over and above facilities team, thank you again.  The official documentary has now been unveiled. Madison College has some great cameos in this film that reflect well on all of us.  Find the full half hour video on YouTube.

Go Bucky, Go Wolfie and Go Madison College!


Dr. Turina Bakken


Published November 14, 2019.

Meet Vianey

After taking on many roles as a student leader, Vianey graduated from Madison College in 2017. She now attends UW-Madison and has big aspirations for a career in psychology. Vianey is a positive force who is thrilled to see how Madison College continues to evolve and grow as a diverse community. While attending Madison College, she was involved in several student organizations and was in the Honors Program.



Your Future. Your College. Vianey


Published November 11, 2019.

Meet Calum

Calum is in his first year at Madison College. A student in the liberal arts transfer program, he’s enjoying his acting classes and the diverse campus environment. His ultimate goal is to transfer to a university and earn his bachelor’s degree. Calum appreciates the opportunities to explore a range of subjects at Madison College while he decides on his future career.



Your Future. Your College. Calum

Published November 6, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019.

Workday finance tasks need completion before shutdown

As the end of the semester and winter shutdown nears, it is important that staff properly manage their Workday finance tasks. This includes:

  • Verifying and allocating any purchasing card transactions
  • Submitting expense reports and reconciling travel card purchases
  • Approving any transactions in Workday
  • Submitting invoices for payment prior to leaving for winter break

Please remember, the process is not complete until the supervisor(s) or manager(s) approve transactions. Please build in time to allow managers and supervisors the opportunity to do these tasks. If all approvals are done by Monday, Dec. 16, the college is able to ensure that outstanding obligations to suppliers and employees are met prior to the winter shutdown.

If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate following areas:

  • Purchasing and PCard Transaction questions-Purchasing, 608.258.2010
  • Expense Report questions-Financial Accounting, 608.258.2413
  • Accounts Payable and Invoice Payments-Accounts Payable, 608.258.2055
  • General Financial Resource questions-608.259.2955

Thank you to all employees for the continued support of efforts to ensure everyone receives their payments in a timely manner.


Published November 6, 2019.

Lucía Nuñez announces open office hours

Open office hours with Lucía Nuñez, vice president for Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement to begin Thursday, Nov. 14, and will continue monthly on the second Thursday of the month from 1-3 p.m. 

For more information, please contact Vicki Weber or 608-246-6183.

Published November 6, 2019.

Meet Tal

Tal came from Israel and moved to Wisconsin to be with his brother. He attended Madison College where he received help learning English, strengthened his academic ability and became involved in the Honors Program. Tal now attends Yale University majoring in chemical engineering. 

Published November 4, 2019. Updated November 6, 2019.

Fire safety systems upgrade nears completion

DATE:              Monday, November 4, 2019
TO:                  All Students, Faculty, and Staff
FROM:            Mark Thomas, Vice President of Administrative Services/CFO
RE:                  Truax Main Building Fire Safety Systems

Over the past year, the fire safety systems in the Truax Main Building have undergone significant upgrades to bring the system current with the latest technology standards. These upgrades will improve the system’s reliability, redundancy, and communication capabilities. As this upgrade nears completion, it is important to communicate that you or others may experience random events throughout the building that are part of the final testing process.

This may include:

  • Intermittent blips of light for the fire alarm strobe lights.
  • Intermittent static, pops, or other sounds from the speaker system. 



Fire alarm strobe light



Fire alarm speaker

If you experience one or both of these events there is no cause for concern. These events do not require you to take action or evacuate the building. These events are a normal part of the system testing process. If an actual emergency were to occur, the building’s strobe and speaker systems would continuously light up and sound, a Wolfpack Alert will be sent, and campus TVs and phone displays would communicate the emergency.

Please refer to the Madison College Emergency Procedures Guide (flip chart) in your area to learn more about the college’s emergency procedures. If you are in need of a Madison College Emergency Procedures Guide or if you have questions regarding this testing, please contact the Public Safety department at 608.246.6076.

Mark Thomas
Vice President of Administrative Services
Chief Financial Officer

Published November 4, 2019.