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Substance abuse interferes with students' academic performance

Alcohol and other drugs impact some students’ lives and diminish their academic performance. Faculty have significant power to change students’ lives when these issues arise.

Please review the attached PDF, which outlines a range of faculty actions that can lead to healthier choices among their students.

Many students return to school after entering recovery from alcohol and other drug dependence. "Live Free" is a student group on campus built to support students in recovery, as part of a wellness initiative across the nation.

Live Free meets at Truax on Mondays at 4:30 p.m. in D1618N in the Student Development Center. For more information, Patrick Kempfer, the club’s student leader, has developed a presentation describing the movement and student club.

Consider inviting John Boyne or Patrick Kempfer to your class to talk to your students about these issues.

Questions? Contact John Boyne, counselor, at (608) 616-3418.

Published January 29, 2016.