What's for lunch?

Here's what the Atrium Cafe will be serving Feb. 25-March 1.

MondayNacho-Palooza with assorted toppings

TuesdayCountry-fried steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetable, biscuit

WednesdayFried chicken, macaroni and cheese, vegetable, biscuit

ThursdayBeef stroganoff, egg noodles, vegetable, roll

FridayBeer-battered cod, fries, coleslaw, roll

Published February 22, 2019.

Summer registration is open

Summer 2019 classes will be posted Thursday, Feb. 21, on the Madison College website. Priority program student registration opens Friday, Feb. 22. Open registration begins, Wednesday, March 6. Contact Enrollment Services with questions regarding the registration process and student communications.

Published February 20, 2019. Updated February 25, 2019.

Hooked by a phishing scam?

On Monday, Feb. 19, Madison College Technology Services alerted students to an email phishing scam involving a fraudulent "secret shopper" job offer. Here is some additional information, developed in collaboration with UW Credit Union, that may be helpful: 

If the student has already responded, has been mailed a check and is now being contacted by the scammer: The student (or potential victim) is advised to stop all correspondence with the scammer and block the phone number. Often times people will “play along,” attempting to get more evidence or just trying to annoy the scammer. Although the credit union cannot stop people from doing this, it really serves no useful purpose.  

What to do with the fraudulent checks and letters, assuming they may be useful to someone for investigations: UW Credit Union prefers the check(s) to be destroyed and taken out of circulation. This prevents an accidental deposit at another financial institution, for example. There are just too many scams like this out there for police to devote the time or the resources to work these cases. Most suspects live out of state and sometimes out of the country. UW Credit Union will take all the documentation, checks, etc. from the student or member, but after that point, it’s really just documentation for proof the student or member was indeed a victim.

Technology Services adds: If individuals are receiving email communications from scammers, whether suspected or confirmed, they should report this to the Help Desk so that the Identity and Access Management team can help to block these types of communications in the future. At the very least, deleting and not responding to those communications is a good idea. The link below provides some valuable information and guidance on being alert for and handling phishing emails.

Published February 20, 2019.

Madison College Learn replaces CETL Thrive

Madison College Learn is an easy-to-use collegewide professional development system. It provides access to learning opportunities for all Madison College PSRP, administrators and faculty. Employees will use this system to register for training and keep track of professional development activities.

Madison College Learn will provide opportunities to participate in career and leadership development, as well as Faculty Quality Assurance System-required training for faculty. In addition, staff will have access to hundreds of self-directed learning opportunities through an on-demand learning library, in the form of video courses, e-books and audiobooks.  Follow the instructions in the User Guide (found on the Learn landing page) to get started.

This system will replace CETL Thrive. Faculty will be able to find their FQAS deadline date and assigned training, and continuing professional development courses in Madison College Learn. 

To access Madison College Learn, go to the Fac/Staff page and click the Madison College Learn link.

Watch for more information soon about hands-on training to use this exciting new system.

Published February 20, 2019.

Documentary explores gender gap among coders

The documentary "CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap," exposes the lack of American female and minority software engineers while it explores reasons for the gender gap. "CODE" asks the question, "What would society gain by having more women and minorities code?" The documentary is being shown Wednesday, March 6, from 3-4:30 p.m., in the Intercultural Exchange, Room C1430. Registration is not required, but is encouraged.

Published February 20, 2019.

Asian American Student Association sells egg rolls

The Asian American Student Association (AASA) is conducting an egg roll fundraiser to support their trip to the Hmong National Development Conference in San Jose, Calif., in April.

AASA’s mission is to help empower the community through generosity and volunteering. The organization hopes to create awareness in the community and make a difference. 

The Hmong National Development Conference is the Hmong community’s largest event and one that unites over 1,000 professionals, students and community leaders who gather to share valuable insights and powerful new approaches to community empowerment, professional development and leadership. This year’s theme is “Be Bold and Unleash Your Potential.” 

Egg roll orders can be submitted online.


  • All orders are due March 5 to allow sufficient time to plan and prepare.
  • Payments must either be in cash or check.
  • Please note when you plan to pick up your order. This will help to expedite the orders efficiently. Anyone needing special arrangements should email at least 24 hours in advance of their pickup timeframe. There will be a $5 fee for all deliveries. AASA will only deliver in Madison.
  • The organization cannot guarantee food will be prepped in a peanut/tree nut-free zone.
  • Sauces will be in the standard 1.4-ounce takeout container.
  • Egg rolls will be cooked in vegetable oil.
  • Egg rolls are made fresh and ready to go.
  • Pickup for all orders is March 9 at Badger Rock Community Center at 501 E. Badger Road, Madison, WI 53713

For questions relating to the order, please contact

If you wish to donate to the club, please contact Masaya Xiong, career advisor for Career & Employment Services, at


Published February 18, 2019. Updated February 20, 2019.

Bakery open for spring semester

The bakery at the Truax Campus will be open the following hours during spring semester:

Monday: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Tuesday: 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Breads Day

Wednesday: 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. or until sold out (limited product selection)

Thursday: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Friday: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. or until sold out (limited product selection)

Published February 18, 2019.

Madison College welcomes new employees

The following are new employees at Madison College. Please welcome them!

  • Larry Lunda, project and process coordinator
  • Michael Belton, Information Technology instructor
  • Steven Cybela, Veterinary Technician instructor
  • Eric Donovan, Construction and Remodeling instructor
  • John Flannery, Public Safety director
  • Kathy Jewell-Hansing, laboratory coordinator
  • Kara Knutson, Medical Laboratory Technician instructor
  • Kirsten Macke, barista
  • Sophie Martin, barista
  • Barbara Meyer, compensation and benefits manager
  • Asia Peters, food service associate
  • Courtney Sims, senior business intelligence and data engineer
  • Nancy Skeffington, test coordinator
  • Howard Spearman, vice president, Student Affairs/CSSO
  • Charlie Stinchfield, front of house lead
  • Joseph Streeter, senior cloud solutions engineer



Published February 15, 2019.

What can be done about dry hands and feet?

The Trustyle Salon is offering a free Paraffin Dip Treatment with the purchase of a chemical service or pedicure. The offer is available through Friday, March 15.

Published February 15, 2019.

Improve winter driving with a flurry of safety

When traveling during the winter, be prepared for the unexpected. Being stranded during a winter storm can be a matter of life or death. No matter the temperature, weather affects driving conditions and can pose serious problems. Follow these recommendations for safer winter travels.

Carry the necessary equipment:

  • Shovel
  • Jumper cables
  • Tow and tire chains
  • Properly inflated spare tire, wheel wrench and a tripod-type jack.
  • Bag of salt, cat litter or sand
  • Tool kit
  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Working flashlight and extra batteries

If travel must happen during a storm, plan ahead:

  • Select both primary and alternate routes.
  • Travelers should inform others of their travel routes. If they do not arrive on time, officials know where to begin searching.
  • Check the latest weather information.
  • Travel with another person if possible.
  • Drive defensively
  • Watch for ice patches on bridges and overpasses.
  • Take note of the odometer and coordinate it with exit numbers, mileposts or crossroads. This will help travelers determine their location if rescuers need to be summoned.  
  • If a storm becomes too much to handle, seek refuge immediately.

If stranded:

  • Travelers should not leave their vehicle unless they know their location for certain, how far it is to possible help and that the situation will be improved by doing so.
  • To attract attention, light two flares and place one at each end of the vehicle at a safe distance. Hang a brightly colored cloth from the antenna.
  • If the car’s exhaust pipe is not blocked, run the engine and heater for about 10 minutes every hour, depending on the amount of gas left.
  • To protect against frostbite and hypothermia, use woolen items and blankets to keep warm.
  • Keep at least one window open slightly. Heavy snow and ice can seal a car shut.

Published February 15, 2019.