IBPS settling into new home

The Office of Interest-Based Problem Solving is settling into our new home with the Center for Organizational Excellence (OE). In July 2019, IBPS moved to OE, under the direction of Ali Zarrinnam, we are now part of a large, collaborative team with expertise in providing support to all Madison College staff related to facilitation, process improvement, data analysis and assessments. This move has provided the Office of IBPS with a strong support network and an opportunity for us to expand our services to benefit Madison College and the students we serve.

While the transition over the past year has at times been confusing and even disruptive to our efforts, be assured our good work has continued. Dedicated facilitators have continued to provide trainings, support shared governance and deliver facilitation services throughout the college and our community. To those who have worked to support the office, we thank you for your dedication, engagement and hard work. As we move into this New Year we are hopeful your interest in and commitment to facilitation and IBPS remains strong.   

Please join us as we re-engage and build our talented pool of facilitators. In this effort we are inviting those who have been active with IBPS and anyone who is interested in becoming involved to join us for a “Day of Refreshment,” Friday, April 19. This day-long workshop, which includes lunch and refreshments, will serve as a refresher for some and an introduction to facilitation for others. More importantly, this event will provide an opportunity to reconnect and regain some momentum for those of you who remain interested in facilitation training and service. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please RSVP for this special event by registering for this session through Thrive.

If you have additional questions about IBPS Training and Facilitation Services, please contact the Office of IBPS.

M. Jill List
Office of Interest-Based Problem Solving
Phone: 608-243-4700


Published January 7, 2019.

Provost announces spring open office hours

Provost Turina Bakken will hold open office hours from 9 to 10:30 a.m. on the following dates:

  • Friday, Feb. 1
  • Friday, March 1
  • Friday, April 5

During open office hours, faculty and staff are welcome to discuss matters of concern, share success stories or propose new ideas.

No open office hours are scheduled for January or May.

Published January 4, 2019.

Register for process improvement training

Faculty, staff and administrators can register now for Process Improvement Applied Training Series-Spring 2019 facilitated by Kristin Polywacz and Dan Stapleton.

Participants will receive a short pre-work PowerPoint after they register. A meeting is required before the training with the facilitator and the participant's supervisor to choose a project.

NEW: Sponsor Roundtable

The Project Sponsor Roundtable was developed based on feedback from past sponsors. This is the perfect way for time-strapped managers and supervisors to realize the benefits of completing process improvement projects. All supervisors of Cohort 8 participants will be invited to join the roundtable on Wednesday, Feb. 13, from 8:30-10:30 a.m.

Six training sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 9-11 a.m. The schedule is:

  • Feb. 19
  • Feb. 26
  • March 5
  • March 12
  • No class March 19/Spring Break
  • March 26
  • April 2
  • April 9, Graduation, 1-2:30 p.m.

The registration deadline is Feb. 5.

The training will provide an introduction to and application of continuous improvement concepts and Lean tools.

Past participants have said, “This was extremely relevant to my work,” and “It was fun!”

Participants will apply concepts to an actual project and see real results. Help will be provided — from selecting an appropriate project to individual coaching throughout the project life cycle (even after the training is completed). See the link above for more details.

The goal is to empower employees with tools and techniques to improve how they accomplish their work at Madison College.

Published January 4, 2019.

Greeters needed for first two days of spring semester

Faculty and staff can help students get off to a great start when the spring term gets underway by volunteering to serve as greeters.

In the past, incoming students have expressed their gratitude to those who have worked as greeters to answer questions and get students to where they need to go.

Sign up now to help at the Truax Campus main building, Health Education Building, Health and Protective Services Building or at the Downtown Campus. One-hour shifts are available on both Tuesday, Jan. 22 and Wednesday, Jan. 23.



Published January 4, 2019.

Textbook rental program to start with Fall 2019 classes

Per the recent referendum that overwhelmingly passed among the student body, Madison College will implement a full textbook rental program in Fall 2019. If possible, the college will roll out the program for the Summer 2019 semester.

The goal of the rental program is to remove the barrier of high textbook cost for students. All degree credit students will be charged up to $7/credit as a supplemental fee added to their tuition bill. This supplemental fee covers most textbooks, requiring no additional charges to students. Exceptions include one-time usage items (e.g., workbooks, lab manuals, most access codes) and most books under $20. Students will need to purchase these materials/books in addition to the rental fee.

The textbook adoption policy that went into place for Fall 2018 required a three-year commitment to adopted textbooks. When the rental program begins in Fall 2019, faculty will be able to make changes and select a new three-year commitment if desired. 

Instructors should take this opportunity to review course materials with their departments, and consider how/if they will fit into the rental program.  Remember, Fall 2019 adoptions are due April 1.

Anyone who has questions or wonders how their particular courses, program or materials would fit into the rental program, should contact Holly Deering, Rental Textbook Program analyst, at, 243-4553, or the Textbook Affordability Committee at

More information will be forthcoming as program details are developed.


Published January 4, 2019.

Goodman South Campus construction progresses

Construction is progressing on the Goodman South Campus on the corner of Badger Road and Park Street and will be completed for the Fall 2019 academic year.

Projects currently underway include:

  • Steel erection
  • Exterior metal stud wall and sheathing construction
  • Interior metal stud work
  • Rough-in work
  • Brick work
  • Roofing (scheduled to start this week)

Plans for the 75,000-square-foot campus include a brightly lit Café Servery and seating area, a library, a Student Achievement Center, flexible classrooms, a practical nursing lab, a chemistry lab and main service counter. The South Courtyard Entrance will feature a landscaped seating area, bicycle parking and vehicle parking.

Early Childhood Development, IT, Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant and Practical Nursing programs will be offered at the new campus. College transfer Arts and Sciences classes will also be taught there.

Two live webcams are recording the construction.

Camera 1:

Camera 2:

Visit the college SharePoint site for more information including PDFs and updates.

Contact Mike Stark with any questions.

Published January 2, 2019.

Madison College hosts theater festival

Madison College is hosting the American College Theater Festival, Region III, Monday, Jan. 7 – Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019.  The college expects 1,200 college students, faculty and professional artists to attend. Workshops and demonstrations in classrooms, the dance studio and Studio Theater will be held. The D1630 Suite will house student and faculty design work. Each night, showcase performances will be in the Mitby Theater. The event staff will have less availability that week. Please plan accordingly.

For more information contact D. Corey Helser.


Published December 22, 2018. Updated January 2, 2019.

Shared Governance announces councils' issues

With the new term, Shared Governance is informing the college of the issues each council will take on. Listed below are the councils and their issues.

Academic Council 

  • How can the council ensure students have timely digital access to course information and academic progress? (Focus on Focus)
  • Issues connected to the Academic Plan and Academic Plan priorities.

Diversity and Community Relations Council

  • Ensuring a safe, equitable and inclusive campus environment for students, employees and community members.

Finance Council

  • How can the council improve the education, input and participation of all internal stakeholders in the annual budget process inclusive of budget planning?
  • In what ways do the mission and vision drive the planning that drives the budget?

Facilities, Planning and Investment Council

  • What are the essential elements of a sustainability policy that strives to meet the social, economic and environmental needs of the present college community without compromising resources for future generations?

Information Technology Council

  • The IT strategic plan.
  • The security policy may be informed by the strategic plan and might be as an advisory.
  • Administrative rights policy may be informed by a strategic plan.

Institutional Effectiveness Council

  • How can Madison College promote, sustain and develop an evidence-based culture?

Professional Development Council

  • How do Madison College human resources policies support consistent and equitable access to professional development?
  • How can we improve agility and mobility using college resources to take advantage of career development opportunities?

Student Affairs Council

  • Council may serve as collector, connector and initiator for: student financial issues, student mental health, communication and first-year experience.

Published December 21, 2018. Updated January 2, 2019.

Madison College announces first Blackboard Day

Instructors are invited to attend Madison College’s first Blackboard Day, Monday, Jan. 14. This day will offer a variety of training sessions to help instructors leverage the learning management system and related technology tools. Instructors will receive individual help and be able to network with colleagues. Refreshments will be provided.

Information for each session is listed below:

Blackboard drop-in sessions in CETL

  • No appointment is needed.
  • The drop-in sessions are offered from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • One on one help will be provided.
  • Instructors are welcome to enjoy refreshments and network with others. 

TextAid and Readspeaker Webinar

  • The Webinar is being offered from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.
  • Those interested can sign up via Thrive.
  • ReadSpeaker and TextAid are inclusive, integrated reading and translation tools which allows everyone to read and understand digital content. These combined tools give information in two different, simultaneous formats: listening to an audio version of content while reading along with the highlighted text. This method has been proven to help those struggling with reading. The experts at ReadSpeaker will present a thorough review of both tools and teach instructors how to use their features.

Blackboard Basics Session

  • This session is offered from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • The session will be held in Room D2643 at Truax.
  • Those interested can sign up via Thrive.
  • This workshop covers the basics such as, logging into Blackboard, creating announcements, content items and the gradebook. Instructors who are new to Blackboard or need a short review are welcome.

Blackboard Guru Question and Answer Session

  • This session is offered from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.
  • The session will be held in Room D2643 at Truax.
  • Those interested can sign up via Thrive.
  • This workshop features some of Madison College’s Blackboard experts and is designed to be hands-on. Attendees are welcome to bring any questions, comments, files or challenges with Blackboard.

Contact David Leo in CETL with questions at 608.246.5210.


Published December 21, 2018. Updated January 2, 2019.

District Board to meet Jan. 9

The January 2019 District Board meeting will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 9.  This is a change from the originally scheduled date of Jan. 2.  

Published December 19, 2018.