College internship research to be topic of symposium

The National Symposium on College Internship Research will be held at UW-Madison Sept. 28. Career and Employment Services at Madison College has been in partnership with the Center for College-Workforce Transitions at UW-Madison to assist in their Internship Research Study. 

The symposium lineup includes scholars and policymakers, and is anticipated to include several opportunities for discussion and networking among scholars and practitioners working to facilitate student internship experiences.

Published June 8, 2018.

Atrium Cafe lunch menu

The Atrium Cafe lunch menu for the week of June 11-15.

Monday: Pot roast with beef gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetable and roll

Tuesday: Lasagna, mixed greens with citrus vinaigrette and garlic bread

Wednesday: Goulash, elbow macaroni, vegetable and roll

Thursday: Baked chicken, gravy, wild rice pilaf, vegetable and roll

Friday: Baked walleye or sea bass, coleslaw, fries and roll


Summer hours

Atrium Coffee Shop: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday

Atrium Cafe: 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday

Published June 8, 2018. Updated June 15, 2018.

Atrium Cafe to close July 5-7

Food Services will close the Atrium Café, the main food outlet, Thursday, July 5 and Friday, July 6 to deep clean the kitchens.

The Atrium Coffee Shop (Starbucks) will still be open normal business hours these days serving a selection of grab 'n’ go items, hot breakfast items, hot lunch entrée and a small salad bar.

Published June 8, 2018. Updated June 11, 2018.

Summer has arrived; work continues on 2018 construction projects

Madison College is continually investing in our facilities to allow us to better serve our mission, vision and values. Projects range from small updates to existing spaces to large‐scale maintenance to new construction. Each project includes an overview, current status, and estimated completion date.

Please note: East Court will close July 2-Aug. 17 for third floor roof replacement and installation of a new photovoltaic system.

Contact Fred Brechlin with any questions. 

2018 Projects: 

Project Name: D19010: Truax – Animation, Rooms D2619, D2623, D2626, & D2628
Overview: This remodel project will relocate the Animation programming from DTEC to Truax. Three computer labs and storage will be created in four existing general classrooms. This new space is adjacent to other art programs on the second floor and is 3,000 square feet.
Timeline: Construction at Truax has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

Project Name: D19007: Truax – Five Classrooms
Overview: This remodel project will create five classrooms in the vacated third floor electron microscopy lab and adjacent accounting lab. These five classrooms will replace the rooms displaced by the Animation project on the second floor. The new rooms will be built as, two active learning, two computer labs, and one lecture room.
Timeline: Construction has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

Project Name: D19006: Truax – Business Tech Lab & DMB Accounting Lab, Rooms D3610 & D3613
Overview: This remodel project will remove a wall between the existing business tech space and adjacent underutilized computer lab. The larger footprint will allow the DMB accounting lab displaced by the classroom project to be combined with the business tech lab.
Timeline: Construction at Truax has started and will be complete complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

Project Name: D19004: Commercial Avenue Education Center – Building A
Overview: The steamfitter/iron worker apprenticeship programs have recently moved to their own new training facility. The vacated space on the first floor, rooms 130, 131, & 132 will be converted to Ceramics space. Vacated second floor Room 232 will be converted to an Art Metals lab.
Timeline: Construction at Commercial Avenue has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

Project Name: D19003: Truax – College Transfer Art, Room D2631, E2835, E2841, E2842A, & E2842B 
Overview: This remodel project scope includes a dedicated new drawing lab and existing art labs E2835, E2841, and E2842 A&B. Renovations are needed in order to effectively share space with the College Transfer Art and Graphic Design programs.
Timeline: Construction at Truax has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

Project Name: D19008: Truax – Music, Rooms A1017Q, A1017R & Corridor A19
Overview: This remodel project will renovate two existing music labs to accommodate the music instruction from the DTEC campus. It includes, new sound wall separation around the perimeter of both rooms, moveable partitions and structure support to better separate the two labs acoustically, an improved ventilation and lighting system, and new acoustic ceiling system. New secure storage rooms will store instruments and sheet music from the current archive room at DTEC.
Timeline: Construction at Truax has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

Project Name: D18026: Truax – New Photovoltaic System
Overview: Pursuant to an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), MG&E has granted $500,000 to a new solar Photovoltaic (PV) project at the Truax Campus. The MG&E grant funds combined with a Madison College contribution of $2,587,500 will fund a new 1.868MW rooftop PV system. The system includes 5,750 panels and will be the largest roof mounted system in Wisconsin.
Timeline: Construction has started and will be complete November 2018.

Project Name: D18014: Truax – Southwest Plaza Restoration
Overview: This project includes removing the deteriorated brick privacy wall at the pool, replacing the adjacent site stair and handrail, new concrete sidewalks, new site lighting, regrading for drainage, new limestone retaining walls, new landscaping, waterproofing below grade at pool equipment room, sandblasting all exposed foundation and retaining walls, new limestone wall and metal gates at the childcare outdoor playground.
Timeline: Construction has started and will be complete July 2018.

Project Name: D18014: Truax – Childcare Outdoor Playground Wall Replacement
Overview: This project includes removing the deteriorated metal gates and brick privacy wall around the outdoor childcare playground. The gates will be replaced with new galvanized metal and the wall will be replaced with limestone to match the new café/meeting room addition.
Timeline: Construction has started and will be complete before the start of the fall 2018 academic year.

Project Name: RFB18-005: Truax Roof Replacement 2018
Overview: This project includes replacing various roofs (gymnasium, fitness center, theater, entire 3rd floor roof) at the Truax Campus in advance of the new photovoltaic panel system from MG&E in summer 2018.
Timeline: Construction will begin June 12 and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

Project Name: RFB18-009: Truax Campus Fire Alarm Replacement Project 2018/19
Overview: This project will expand the new fire alarm systems from the culinary addition to the remaining main campus, all floors, B, D, E, wings and large animal barn. Original fire alarm equipment from 2000 will be removed after new systems are in place and operational summer 2019.
Timeline: Construction will begin August 2018 and will be complete August 2019.

Project Name: RFB18-009: Regional Campus Fire Alarm Replacement Projects 2018/19
This project will provide new fire alarm systems at Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg, and Watertown. Original fire alarm equipment will be removed after new systems are in place and operational summer 2019.
Timeline: Construction will begin August 2018 and will be complete August 2019. 

Project Name: RFB18-011: Truax Underground Storage Tank Replacement West Court
This project will replace two underground steel storage tanks with one new double wall fiberglass tank, new monitoring hardware, underground piping, pumps, and tank protection devices. The south half of the court will be closed for several weeks during construction in July/August.
Timeline: Construction will begin July 2018 and will be complete August 2018.

Please visit the college SharePoint site for more information including PDFs and updates.

Published June 7, 2018. Updated June 8, 2018.

Thomas appointed co-chair of College Assembly

President Daniels appointed Mark Thomas, vice president of Administrative Services and Chief Financial Officer, to replace Keith Cornille as co-chair of the College Assembly. Thomas has been with the college for four years and has served as Finance Council co-chair.

"I’m really excited about the opportunity to carry forward the great leadership modeled for me by the departing Dr. Keith Cornille, and grateful for the experience Dr. Laura Osinski will bring as she returns for another term as Assembly co-chair with me," Thomas said.

"I’ve been fortunate to work with Dr. Osinski for the past four year as co-chairs of the Finance Council; we have a rapport and style of working together that will bring our honest, diverse views to the table. I know we both see the College Assembly as a collaborative opportunity for our colleagues to ensure the broadest possible input is received in making recommendations to President Daniels through participatory/shared governance.

"And, finally, I’m looking forward to the new voices that have joined both the Assembly and many of our councils; new leadership, new members and an evolving sense of purpose will all help us move forward as we strive to get work done on behalf of our students…our foundational purpose here at the College is serving students together."

Osinski, a faculty member in the School of Arts and Sciences teaches Philosophy, Logic and Critical Thinking. She has been with Madison College for 12 years and was first elected co-chair in 2016. Osinski also serves on the Finance Council.

“I am truly honored to serve in this role,” she said. “It comes with the responsibility to serve the interests of the college as a whole. While my perspective as a faculty member is always present, I am committed to ensuring that the principles of our Shared Governance system--collegiality, transparency, inclusiveness, shared responsibility and fairness--are always the basis for our work.”

The College Assembly meets twice a month and includes representatives of all employee groups, Student Senate and the eight shared governance councils. To learn more, visit the Sharepoint site.

Published June 6, 2018.

Tweedy named Business & Applied Arts Associate Dean

Marsha Tweedy, who has been serving as Interim Associate Dean in Business & Applied Arts for the past 10 months has been named Associate Dean after a national search.

Dr. Tweedy previously served as both full-time faculty and program director in the College's Dental Assistant program. Prior to her career at Madison College, she held positions with the University of Wisconsin-Stout, UW-Platteville, and Chippewa Valley Technical College. She also has professional experience as a dental assistant. Dr. Tweedy's accomplished faculty background will allow her to be of great support to those in Business & Applied Arts.

Published June 6, 2018.

Technology Services to upgrade virtual desktops

Technology Services will be completing upgrades to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment on Saturday, June 16, starting at 5 p.m. and ending by 2 a.m. Sunday, June 17 (standard third Saturday, monthly VDI maintenance window). There will be no access to virtual desktops until the maintenance is complete.

Faculty or staff who have a persistent Employee Virtual Desktop should be sure they have no unsaved work open as it may be lost. The Technology Services Desktop Engineering Team recommends that everyone logs off of their virtual desktop before leaving on Fridays.

According to Technology Services data, no running courses are scheduled to use the virtual desktop environment during this period. If faculty or staff believe the virtual desktop maintenance will negatively impact them, a course, or their students, and they are unable to work around it, they should contact the Help Desk as soon as possible.

Please note that access to other services will remain available.


Published June 4, 2018.

TRiO celebrates achievements

The TRiO/Student Support Services program held the seventh annual TRiO Day Celebration April12. TRiO students thanked instructors and others listed below for the critical impact they have had on their lives and in their ability to achieve educational success in specific courses during the 2017-18 academic year.

  • Dzigbodi Akyea, West campus advisor
  • Chawki Belhadi, sociology instructor
  • Chuck Benton, science instructor
  • John Boyne, faculty counseling
  • Gwen Ebert, English instructor
  • Kevin Foley, Manager, School of Academic Advancement
  • Matthew Guenette, English instructor
  • Julia Haseleu, psychology instructor
  • Jeff Havens, math instructor
  • Mary Heinrichs, special needs instructor
  • Sheryl Hursh, biology instructor
  • Jacquelyn Jebens, sociology instructor
  • Todd Jones, DRS specialist
  • Matthew Lazzara, physical science instructor
  • Hassan Nafid, A&P instructor
  • Paul Peeders, math instructor
  • Natalie Pinkovitz, math instructor
  • Ross Silburn, laboratory coordinator
  • Christen Smith, chemistry instructor
  • Jeannine Szczech, chemistry instructor
  • Andrea Thalasinos, instructor
  • Susan Valtierra, Student Life (retired-active)
  • Jana Woodhouse, business technology instructor

The “Friend of TRiO” Award was presented to Jamal Palmer who, as an academic advisor and head men’s basketball coach, has been an instrumental and proactive partner with the TRiO/SSS program in connecting qualified Madison College students with the TRiO/SSS program. Jamal has also provided invaluable academic and personal support and mentoring for many current TRiO students. 

TRiO Day also included recognition of TRiO students’ accomplishments, including 43 students for achieving a fall 2017-18 semester grade point average of 3.50 or better and 37 scholarship recipients. Additionally, there were 30 TRiO/SSS transfer and graduating students.

The TRiO/SSS program wishes to once again, congratulate all of the staff and faculty who were recognized for their valuable contributions to the success of program students. We also wish to congratulate the many TRiO students who had a successful 2017-18 academic year as well as those who graduated and/or transferred to a four-year institution.

TRiO/SSS Academic Advisor Jeff Galligan thanked chefs Paul Short and John Johnson and the culinary department for providing a wonderful meal and Suzanne Daily, Cindy Schultz and the Madison College bakery for providing the desserts.

The TRiO program is funded through the Department of Education and Madison College matching funds to help increase retention and graduation rates among first-generation students, low-income students and students with disabilities.

Published June 4, 2018.

South Campus to host Juneteenth Poetry Slam

A Juneteenth Poetry Slam will be held Friday, June 15, from 6 to 9 p.m. in the South Campus Atrium. The deadline to submit a poem is Sunday, June 10, at 11:59 p.m. The theme of the poetry slam is “The Resilience of a People.” The event is open to all ages.

Prizes will be awarded for first ($250), second ($150) and third ($100) places.


Published June 3, 2018. Updated June 6, 2018.

Atrium Cafe lunch menu

The Atrium Cafe lunch menu for the week of June 4-8.

Monday: Pasta bar with mixed greens salad and garlic bread

Tuesday: Chicken tikka masala, jasmine rice, vegetable and naan 

Wednesday: Barbecue beef brisket, cheesy potatoes, vegetable and Texas toast

Thursday: Chicken pot pie, mixed greens salad and buttermilk biscuit

Friday: Beer battered cod, fries, coleslaw and marble rye

Summer hours

Atrium Coffee Shop: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday

Atrium Cafe: 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday

Published June 1, 2018. Updated June 8, 2018.