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Email security enhancement happening soon

The Technology Services Cybersecurity team continues to research and develop new tools to protect Madison College. Microsoft Office 365 Safe Attachments will be enabled in employees' email Wednesday, Aug. 21.

When a message contains one or more attachments, the message is delivered and safe attachments will begin scanning the attachments. The user can read the message body immediately, however the attachments will not be completely available until the safety scan is complete. It will be possible to preview attachments deemed "safe" before scanning is complete. If an attachment is determined to be malicious, the email is routed to quarantine to be analyzed by the Security team.

If users open a message immediately after it appears in their Inbox, they might see the attachments listed as "ATP Scan in Progress" as shown below. (Opening the "ATP Scan in Progress" attachment shows a message that explains the attachment sent to the user is being scanned.) Once the attachment is scanned, the message is marked as “Unread” and is available to open.

Safe Attachment scans typically complete in under one minute, however, they could take longer for large attachments. To see if the scan is complete, close and re-open the message.





Published August 14, 2019.