Professional Development funding information has moved to Sharepoint

The SharePoint site for all employee development funds is now live. Thank you to the SharePoint team for making this happen before the start of the school year.

Former paper-based approval forms are now online SharePoint forms. Managers may see emails that require their reviews of these forms.

Changes to the funding programs are found below:

Professional Development Funding (conferences, etc.) - the next deadline is Friday, Sept. 13

  • New online SharePoint approval form for PSRP and Administrators.
  • Funds earmarked for faculty are now divided amongst each school. School employees should ask their managers for their specific process.
  • Job aid updated with new business purpose.

Educational Assistance Reimbursement (tuition reimbursement for coursework external to Madison College)

  • Job aids updated to reflect new worktags. Also separated one job aid into two, which are spend authorizations and expense reports.
  • Unchanged is that manager approval (via spend authorization) must occur before an employee starts the course(s) and expense reports must be submitted within 30 days after completion or before the end of the fiscal year, whichever comes first.

Employee Scholars (tuition reimbursement for Madison College courses)

  • New online SharePoint approval and intent form.
  • Job aid updated to reflect new worktags.

Published August 12, 2019. Updated August 13, 2019.