Shared Governance asks for work team volunteers

In April there was a Town Hall to capture feedback regarding the Shared Governance system. The Town Hall was organized to fulfill the guiding principle of continual assessment. That feedback was recently posted in Matters and is also available on the Shared Governance SharePoint site. Thanks again to all who lent their voice to this endeavor. 

The college is now looking for a few participants to join specific, short-term work teams to help with this continuous improvement objective. Participants do not need to be a member of Shared Governance but should be familiar with Interest Based Problem Solving (IBPS).

The goals of the work teams are to look at the Town Hall feedback and determine:

  1. Whether changes are needed (and what those changes would look like) in terms of changes to by-laws, processes or best practices.
  2. Prioritize the work of the team to meet the stated six- to eight-month timeline.

The work teams will consider the following issues:

  1. Elections and membership — need two additional members
  2. Shared Governance vision, purpose, culture and clarity — need one additional member
  3. IBPS and facilitation — need four additional members
  4. Communication methods, responsibility and organization — need one additional member
  5. Shared Governance structure — need no additional members
  6. Accountability and consensus — need one additional member

The work teams will meet once a month immediately following the College Assembly (afternoon of second Wednesday) for the next six to eight months.

Please email your interest by Friday, May 24, to


Published May 17, 2019.