Faculty asked to review gradebook

As the semester winds down, faculty are asked to take a moment to review a few gradebook “housekeeping” items:

  • If you are using a “Grading Schema” in your Blackboard gradebook (e.g., a “Final Grade” column with an applied grading schema), be sure to review your “Grading Schema” in your Full Grade Center, to ensure that letter grades are being displayed correctly for your students. In particular, if you are using the “Default Schema,” it will need to be edited to display the correct grade, since the default schema likely will not match your syllabus. Not sure how to do that? Consult our Directions for Editing Your Grade Schema
  • Doublecheck the Blackboard grade center to make sure the grading calculations match what was outlined in your syllabus.
  • Make sure your final grade or total grade column is visible to students, as these columns are initially hidden in the Blackboard shell when it is first created.
  • “Zero out” any missing/non-submitted work from students for Blackboard to accurately compute final grades.

Need additional help or a one-on-one walk-through of your gradebook (or any other Blackboard area)? Call, stop by or schedule an appointment with CETL today.

For more information, please email David Leo at or 608.246.5210, or call the CETL office directly at 608.246.6646. 


Published May 15, 2019.