CourseArc succeeds Soft Chalk

Madison College and its instructors have always been at the forefront of adopting new instructional technologies to support learner success, and a modern, responsive content design tool has been selected as Soft Chalk’s successor. 

Madison College’s contract with Soft Chalk with conclude on June 30. CourseArc has been chosen as its successor. CourseArc is a modern, user-friendly web-based authoring tool that allows easy creation of engaging, interactive, accessible and responsive online courses and course content. Instructors love CourseArc’s templated design blocks and built-in quality assurance features, which allow control of their course content and ensure instructional design best practices. CourseArc content seamlessly integrates with Blackboard Learn.

As part of this transition, Course Arc will be providing a migration utility to transfer any current Soft Chalk user content into their format. In the interim, Soft Chalk users can always download a complete SCORM package of any of their Soft Chalk presentations. Users can utilize the conversion feature when it becomes available, so as to preserve the ability to edit their content, as well as bring it into a modern, responsive and eloquent design.

What comes next?

  • As mentioned, Soft Chalk will be sunset June 30.
  • Currently, instructors may back-up, package and download their Soft Chalk content, prior to the sunset of Soft Chalk.
  • Later this summer, instructors will be given access to a conversion tool that will convert Soft Chalk content into the CourseArc format.
  • Training workshops and asynchronous sessions will be offered by CETL and the vendor—watch for those announcements.

How should I prepare? 

  • Check out the CourseArc sample courses to juice your inspiration! (If you did not use Soft Chalk, why not check out this new, innovative tool.)
  • Currently, any Soft Chalk user can download a SCORM package of their course content (see p. 123 “Package a Lesson and Open a Packaged Lesson” to back-up and/or import a packaged Soft Chalk lesson into Blackboard, or see attached instruction sheet.) While this package will still work in Blackboard, editing access will end on July 1st. Consider downloading a back-up copy of your Soft Chalk lessons, and also begin consider ways in which your converted content might take advantage of Course Arc’s innovative features.
  • If you would like to export a Soft Chalk Lesson and import the SCORM file into a Blackboard master shell (or any Blackboard course), please see the attached guide: Package and Upload a SCORM Lesson into Blackboard
  • Watch for upcoming training and access to the conversion utility.
  • Watch for an upcoming announcement as to when CourseArc will be available to all instructors!
  • Contact CETL with any questions!

Published May 15, 2019.