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Madison College is continually investing in our facilities to allow us to better serve our mission, vision and values. Projects range from small updates to existing spaces to large-scale maintenance to new construction. Each project includes an overview, current status, and estimated completion date.

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Current projects are listed below:

Project Name: Portage Campus – Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Improvement/Office Addition

Overview: A small addition at the main entry plaza will provide a new ADA compliant entrance and space to expand the adjacent main office area to improve customer service.

Timeline: Construction is complete.

Project Name: Truax Bookstore/Duplicating Remodel

Overview: Accommodate additional programming from the Downtown Education Center (DTEC), provide necessary space for the college’s textbook rental program, and relocate the college duplication center from the second floor to space within the bookstore and adjacent to the loading dock.

Timeline: Textbook rental and electronics lab are complete. Duplicating will be complete November 2019.

Project Name: Renovate Truax Athletics Locker/Shower Rooms

Overview: The locker/shower rooms adjacent to the gymnasium, pool, and fitness center will be reconfigured and upgraded to better service students and meet current ADA standards.

Timeline: Project in design. Completion date to be determined.

Project Name: Foundation Center-Consolidate Finance Department

Overview: Merge Finance, Payroll, and Purchasing Departments into a single connected area on the first floor of the Foundation Center.

Timeline: Construction is complete.

Project Name: Truax-Convert Tennis Courts to Student Parking 

Overview: Reconstruct tennis court area into student parking with lights, landscaping, drainage and sidewalk along Wright St. The project may include rebuilding Straubel Street to the Robin Roberts baseball field. Temporary lights are in place until new light poles and lights are installed the week of Oct. 7.

Timeline: Construction will begin in summer 2019 and be complete prior to the fall semester. 

Project Name: Straubel Street Improvements

Overview: This project involves reconstruction of Straubel Street from Wright Street to Robin Roberts Field. The project includes a new cul-de-sac at Robin Roberts Field, new curbs, gutters, sidewalks, road surface, light poles, city bike patch connection to Straubel Street, and landscaping. All access to the parking lots will remain open during the street construction. The city of Madison plans to asphalt the street on Oct. 10 and 11.

Timeline: Work began August 15 and will be complete Saturday, Oct. 19.

Project Name: Pedestrian Lights at City Sidewalk

Overview: This project will install pedestrian lights at the new city sidewalk along Wright St.

Timeline: The lights will be installed early November 2019.

Project Name: Four Regionals-Reconfigure Telepresence

Overview: Five existing 16-seat telepresence rooms will each be subdivided to create 2-3 smaller 6-person distance learning labs.

Timeline: Work will be complete September 2020.

Project Name: Truax-Relocate Child and Family Center

Overview: Relocate and expand the Truax Child and Family Center at the former Penske Building north of the Ingenuity Center or A wing.

Timeline: Work will be complete September 2020

Project Name: Commercial Ave – Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Interior Design

Overview: Relocate the Civil Engineering classrooms and labs from the Truax Main Building to the Commercial Avenue campus.

Timeline: Work will be complete September 2020.

Project Name: Commercial Ave-Architectural Technology Classrooms/Labs

Overview: Relocate the Architectural Technology classrooms and labs from the Truax Main Building to the Commercial Avenue campus.

Timeline: Project in design. Timeline to be determined.

Project Name: Truax-Relocate the Truax Data Center

Overview: Relocate the Truax Data Center from the 2nd floor interior to an exterior wall. Modernize the room and equipment installed with the orginal building.

Timeline: Work will be complete late 2020.

Project Name: Truax-Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning / AV Renovation

Overview: The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning and A/V will be relocated and the space expanded to better meet instructional support needs.

Timeline: Work will be complete September 2020.

Project Name: Remodel Regional Campuses

Overview: Remodel regional campuses to better meet student needs and ensure equity in facilities.

Timeline: Work will be complete September 2020.

Project Name: Truax – Replace Asphalt Near Human & Protective Services Building

Overview: Replace asphalt between Hoffmann St. and Pearson St. north of Human & Protective Services.

Timeline: Work will be complete in the summer of 2020.


Please visit the college SharePoint site for more information including PDFs and updates.

Published May 12, 2019. Updated October 18, 2019.