Universal design for learning expert to keynote Learning Academy

Learning Academy Registration opens Monday, March 25. Learning Academy is a free professional development event that takes place over seven days (May 20- 23 and May 29-31) and includes courses focused on designing, delivering and assessing holistic student experiences, as well as sessions that showcase innovation, technology and productivity. The courses are open to all Madison College employees.

Kirsten T. Behling, co-author of "Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education​," will open the conference Monday, May 20, and follow up her keynote with a workshop for interested faculty and staff.

All initial FQAS classes will be offered, along with the following sessions:

  • Tools for Intercultural Learning
  • How to Build and Lead Study Abroad
  • Grant Funded Opportunities for Curriculum Internationalization
  • DISC Training Workshop
  • Remote Course Attendance/Virtual Teaching
  • Life Hacks for Stress: Tools for the Classroom (and Daily Life)
  • QPR: Helping Students in Distress and Preventing Suicide
  • IBPS - Organizing & Leading an Effective Meeting
  • IBPS - Graphic Facilitation
  • Growing Your Career​
  • New Department Chair/Program Director Training on Tuesday
  • Honors Faculty Workshop
  • Preparing to Teach Hybrid
  • Design a Course Feedback Survey using Survey Monkey
  • Introduction to Surveying with Zong Her
  • Leveraging Survey Monkey Designs//Tools
  • Faculty Mentor Training
  • Engaging our Under Resourced Students (Parts A & B: Are We Student Ready and Explicit Learning)
  • Strengths Finder
  • Shared Governance 101
  • QPR: Helping Students in Distress and Preventing Suicide
  • Managing Classroom Disruptions
  • Engaging Students with a Visual Syllabus
  • Course Design & Assessment
  • Blackboard Basics
  • PowerPoint Masters in Blackboard!
  • Blackboard Gurus
  • Power Down to Power Up: The Importance of Taking Tech Breaks 
  • Virtual Shooting Range
  • Starkweather Creek Walk
  • Chair Yoga/Yoga/Mediation
  • Before You Hit Send – Workplace Communication
  • OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint: When to use Which
  • SharePoint Survival Guide
  • Enhance Your Presentations with Assertion-Evidence (PowerPoint)
  • Slides
  • Inside the Robotics and Automation Lab
  • Automotive Technology Tour and Hands-on Experience

To register for Learning Academy, click on the Learning Academy Library Learn link​ or access Madison College Learn on the Fac/Staff Computer/Tech Resources page and click the Madison College Learn link.  You can also learn how to navigate the new system in the Madison College Learn User Guide.​ 

Published March 22, 2019. Updated March 25, 2019.