HLC document reviewers needed

Institutional Learning and Effectiveness (ILE) is looking for 10 to 12 faculty or staff members to review documents submitted in Oct. 2018 as part of the document collection process for the upcoming Higher Learning Commission report.


The core duties of a reviewer are:

  •  Meet with the Madison College HLC Open Pathway Impact Team
  • Evaluate submitted documents for relevancy and clarity
  • Compare submitted documents to HLC criterion statements
  • Identify the most valuable documents using the provided criteria
  • Add relevant review comments to documents
  • Assess areas of the college that are under-represented relative to the number of documents submitted for each set of criteria.
  • Employees need their supervisor’s approval prior to participating  


The ideal reviewer will have:

  • Knowledge and experience with the Higher Learning Commission assessment and review process
  • Knowledge of the Higher Learning Commission accreditation categories and criteria, which can be found here

Time Commitment

  • This effort begins in May and possibly ends in August. Work may continue through mid-spring 
  • The hours worked per week will be up to the individual based on their availability. The number of hours each individual works depends on the number of available reviewers.    

If interested, complete the SharePoint form to apply. Contact Jennie May or Mark Lausch with questions.



Published March 20, 2019. Updated May 13, 2019.