Madison College Learn replaces CETL Thrive

Madison College Learn is an easy-to-use collegewide professional development system. It provides access to learning opportunities for all Madison College PSRP, administrators and faculty. Employees will use this system to register for training and keep track of professional development activities.

Madison College Learn will provide opportunities to participate in career and leadership development, as well as Faculty Quality Assurance System-required training for faculty. In addition, staff will have access to hundreds of self-directed learning opportunities through an on-demand learning library, in the form of video courses, e-books and audiobooks.  Follow the instructions in the User Guide (found on the Learn landing page) to get started.

This system will replace CETL Thrive. Faculty will be able to find their FQAS deadline date and assigned training, and continuing professional development courses in Madison College Learn. 

To access Madison College Learn, go to the Fac/Staff page and click the Madison College Learn link.

Watch for more information soon about hands-on training to use this exciting new system.

Published February 20, 2019.