Madison College welcomes new employees

The following are new employees at Madison College. Please welcome them!

  • Larry Lunda, project and process coordinator
  • Michael Belton, Information Technology instructor
  • Steven Cybela, Veterinary Technician instructor
  • Eric Donovan, Construction and Remodeling instructor
  • John Flannery, Public Safety director
  • Kathy Jewell-Hansing, laboratory coordinator
  • Kara Knutson, Medical Laboratory Technician instructor
  • Kirsten Macke, barista
  • Sophie Martin, barista
  • Barbara Meyer, compensation and benefits manager
  • Asia Peters, food service associate
  • Courtney Sims, senior business intelligence and data engineer
  • Nancy Skeffington, test coordinator
  • Howard Spearman, vice president, Student Affairs/CSSO
  • Charlie Stinchfield, front of house lead
  • Joseph Streeter, senior cloud solutions engineer



Published February 15, 2019.