Today is the last day to vote

Tiamo, Millie Mae and Woobie are in a three-dog tie for first place, Leroy and Emily Bee are tied for second place, Gracie is in third place, Boo is in fourth place and Juno B. is fifth. The competition is fierce. Your vote could make a difference.

Ballots and voting boxes are available at all campuses. At Truax, look for ballots on the counter in the cafeteria, Starbucks and the bookstore. Regional staff and faculty should check with the front office of their campus.

People can vote as many times as they like. Each vote will cost $1. Photos can be found on the college's internal SharePoint page. Posters that list all pets will also available for viewing at designated voting locations.

The contest raises money for the Combined Charitable Campaign. Last year over $450 was raised. This year the goal is to break that record (and have fun doing it). Make a pledge and designate your donation using this form.

Published November 5, 2018. Updated November 16, 2018.