College Creates Textbook Affordability Committee

The college has established a special committee dedicated to textbook affordability. This committee will support the implementation and success of the Textbook Adoption Policy and the Textbook Rental Program. They will also guide and advance a textbook rental program if the November referendum passes and a supplemental fee is set up to support the initiative.

This committee’s responsibilities to the program will be: 

  • Reviewing the annual budget, actual revenues and expenditures of the Textbook Rental Program. 
  • Reviewing Textbook Rental Program policies.
  • Reviewing textbook adoption practices, guidelines and procedures.
  • Making recommendations regarding which materials to include in the Textbook Rental Program. 
  • Leading the exploration of other textbook affordability initiatives. 

The following faculty, staff and students are members of the Textbook Affordability Committee:

  • Laurie Beardsley – Student Development
  • Autumn Behringer – FT Faculty, A&S
  • Scott Heiman, Co-chair – Bookstore
  • John Kloosterboer – PT Faculty, Counseling
  • Tina Marshalek – Student 
  • Ben Monty – Budget 
  • Mike Panten – Bookstore
  • Jacob Timmerman - Student
  • Kayde Zimmerle – Student Services, Financial Aid
  • Stacy Zobel, Co-chair – FT Faculty, SoHE


Madison College Bookstore employee Holly Deering is the project manager for planning the Textbook Rental Program. She will be working with the committee should the referendum pass. If you have any suggestions to improve textbook affordability, reach out to Holly or the committee members.  


Published October 10, 2018.