New virtual desktop environment coming Aug. 18

On Saturday, Aug. 18, Madison College will go live with a new, improved virtual desktop experience. Technology Services has redesigned the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment from the ground up for a just-in-time virtual application delivery model. This will allow software applications to be delivered to students, faculty and staff modularly and provide a highly dynamic and personalized experience. 

Desktop Engineering staff will be performing go-live operations on the VDI environment Saturday, Aug. 18, starting at 5 p.m. and ending by 2 a.m. Sunday morning (standard third Saturday, monthly VDI maintenance window). All virtual desktops will be unavailable until the go-live operations are complete.

Please be aware of the following important changes that will take effect once go-live is complete.

General improvements include:

  • Improved 3D graphics performance — Graphics intensive applications like PowerPoint, Google Earth and videos will feel smoother and perform much better.
  • Faster login — The time it takes to log in will be decreased.
  • Single customized desktop for every user —  Gone are the days of not knowing which desktop to choose. A new automated software entitlement process provides each student access to the software applications they require based on enrolled courses.

Off-campus access changes:

  • All active students, faculty, and staff will now have access to a virtual desktop from off campus.
  • All off-campus access to the VDI environment will now require multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA requires you to provide something known (such as a username/password) and something in your possession (like a cell phone) to log in. This second layer of security helps to prevent costly breaches and reduce overall risk.
  • Set up MFA accounts now by following the instructions provided here.
  • RSA tokens will no longer be used to access VDI off campus. Employees with an RSA token can return the physical token to the Help Desk for proper disposal.

To learn more about VDI at Madison College, check out our new VDI User Guide.


Published August 15, 2018.