Fall heralds arrival of improved virtual desktops

Starting this fall, Madison College is moving to an improved virtual desktop experience.

Technology Services has redesigned the VDI environment from the ground up to move to a just-in-time virtual application delivery model that allows software applications to be delivered to students, faculty and staff modularly. This will provide a highly dynamic and personalized experience. Starting Aug. 18, faculty, staff and students will experience the following improvements when connecting to the VDI environment:

  • Improved 3D graphics performance — Graphics intensive applications like PowerPoint, Google Earth and videos will feel smoother and perform much better.
  • Faster login  The time it takes to login will be decreased.
  • Single customized desktop for every user  Gone are the days of not knowing which desktop to choose. A new automated software entitlement process provides each student access to the software applications they require based on the courses they are enrolled in.

This new VDI environment will allow Technology Services staff to expand the virtual environment with many more software applications and respond to requests sooner.

Please note these improvements only affect the cloud computer labs and do not affect any physical labs or workstations. Employees with a persistent Employee Virtual Desktop will be contacted directly with changes coming in the near future.


Published August 8, 2018. Updated August 15, 2018.