LAT Program introduces new pre-major options

The Liberal Arts Transfer program is pleased to announce the implementation of six new pre-major program options. Pre-majors let students choose a curriculum tailored to support their future goals and provide a guided pathway with enough flexibility for broad major exploration regardless of the student’s transfer destination. 

The pre-majors and corresponding credential(s) are: 

  • Arts and Humanities (AA) 
  • Science, Math and Technology (AS)
  • Pre-Health (AS) 
  • Pre-Business (AA, AS) 
  • Engineering (AS) 
  • Education (AA, AS) 

Students applying to the college will be able to select from these options on the admissions application beginning April 16.

Faculty and staff should direct current LAT students who wish to change to the new requirements to review the options on the web, then call to make an appointment with their assigned advisor. Brief videos explain these new options and introduce the faculty transfer coordinator for each of the pre-majors. Contact Kevin Piper with any questions about the pre-majors.

Published April 13, 2018. Updated April 16, 2018.