Capital request process undergoes process improvements

The FY18-19 capital request process began Feb. 6 and runs through Monday, March 5. Through process improvement guidance with COE, the request process and subsequent review of requests has been streamlined.

What’s new?

  • A single form is now used for all capital requests submissions (equipment, facilities remodeling/construction, site work, etc.). The form is on SharePoint.
  • A new process for reviewing requests is in place, which allows for more comprehensive review and vetting of requests, as well as clearer communication to the requestor.
  • All requests may be viewed on SharePoint, along with their current status.
  • Additional guidance about what is included in the capital requests process.

The SharePoint site for the Capital Request Form has detailed information about guidelines, process and frequently asked questions. Requests submitted through the form should have budget manager approval prior to entry. Please contact Capital Requests with questions.

This is the second round of capital request process improvements. Employee feedback is greatly appreciated.

Published February 12, 2018. Updated February 14, 2018.