Facilities Master Plan team reports on progress

A team of administrators, faculty and students, is anticipating how work and education will change in the next 10 years to create a Facilities Master Plan to allow the college to achieve the best outcomes. The plan will address all owned and leased buildings and grounds across the district.

Currently, the team is analyzing results of a staff and faculty survey about how their work is changing. In many workplaces, there is more mobility, work processes are more complex and work relationships have changed. Technology is also changing the way individuals work and collaborate with each other and the way higher education courses are conducted.

“Organizations are shifting from a focus on operational efficiency to a focus on intellectual effectiveness,” said Mike Bahr, principle research architect, Evidence Based Associates. Bahr gave presentation during the Spring Convocation.

Once the survey information has been compiled, the team will consider the updated Academic Plan, Student Services Plan and enrollment projections before they prioritize projects. Then they will create and evaluate options and communicate those with a Facilities Master Plan District Board Task Force.

A draft plan will be shared with college stakeholders including the District Board near the end of the spring semester. It is anticipated that the final plan will be presented to the District Board in the fall. 

Published January 12, 2018. Updated January 17, 2018.