Academic Advancement, Welding receive first innovation grants

The Innovation/Research Project team has awarded the first grants to the School of Academic Advancement and Welding program.

First, a team led by Janice Mettauer submitted a proposal to re-imagine Developmental Education by creating a collegewide sustainable technical and occupational cluster bridge model. Their new plan includes contextualized curriculum and comprehensive student engagement, and will replace the traditional developmental education model. It will increase student success and completion in many areas of the college. Congratulations to Janice Mettauer, Chris Vandall, Kevin Foley and Cindy Dallmann for their work on this new initiative. 

The second innovation grant has been awarded to the Welding program. Congratulations to Anton Stute, Ben Newcomb, Roger Bratberg and Peter Dettmer. This team is investigating the feasibility of integrating emerging robotics technology into the current welding curriculum to keep up with today’s industry advancements.

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Published January 12, 2018. Updated January 17, 2018.