Matters receives new Focus on Focus tab

Matters has a new tab at the top of the page called Focus on Focus (FoF). This tab links to the FoF page on the SharePoint site. 

Focus on Focus is a college-wide project that focuses on faculty engaging students with evidence-based practices that improve student course success. During the past several months, a team of faculty, staff and administrators co-chaired by Provost Turina Bakken and Vice President of Institutional Learning and Effectiveness Tim Casper met to identify practices to use at Madison College. Communication about the practices and support for faculty associated with FoF, which will start the Fall 2017 Convocation. The initiative formally begins in the spring 2018 semester.

If you have question about the FoF project, please contact Tim Casper, vice president of Institutional Learning and Effectiveness. 

Published August 11, 2017. Updated August 16, 2017.