'DISPATCHED' premeires at Market Street Theater March 29

On Saturday, March 29, the Wisconsin-based film “DISPATCHED” will premeire at the Market Square Theater on Odana Road. Madison College employees Jarrod Crooks and Katrina Simyab both star and work as executive producers of the film. 

About the film:

"DISPATCHED" is the story of Jake Wyndem, a police officer who is demoted after an attempted arrest goes wrong. Now stuck in the office he looks for any way that he can to get back in the field. When he overhears that his Captains daughter is going on vacation, Wyndem manipulates his boss into letting him keep an eye on her. Meanwhile a crazed, retired officer is out for revenge against Wyndem after he discovers he had a hand in his son’s death. Now Jake has to protect his boss' daughter and himself in this action comedy thriller written and directed by Madison College's own Jarrod Crooks.

Starring the Action on Film Festival's 2012 winner of “Best Up-and-Coming Action Star” Jose Manuel, Twin Cities' actor Dan Quaile from the film Thin Ice starring Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin, LA actress Kimi Harris who has appeared on The Middle, Hannah Montana, Vegas, and Two Broke Girls, and numerous other talents. This film also features scenes filmed at many well known local locations such as, Edgewood College, Knuckleheads in the Wisconsin Dells, Grand Valley Adventures Paintball Course, Madison College, and the Plaza Hotel in Wausau, Wis.

About the director:

Born in Wausau, Wis., film director Jarrod Crooks has been making movies since the age of 12. He started out by recreating classic stories and then gradually began writing his own narratives and adding martial arts fight scenes to his films after being inspired by Jackie Chan movies in middle school. Crooks continued to hone both his fight choreography and writing talents and in 2006 premiered his first major feature film "Deal With It" to a sold-out audience. He appeared on the Wisconsin Public Television show "Directors Cut" with his second feature film "Thieves like Us." Crooks went on to direct six more short films on location in Madison, Wis., St. Paul, Minn., and the Badlands in South Dakota. With so many shorts and features finding success in the independent film community, Crooks has recieved offers from numerous filmmakers to appear in and do stunt choreography for their films. But after acting in a number of projects Jarrod began to miss directing so he started production in August 2012 on his third feature film "DISPATCHED". He would spend the next year and a half working on it.

Those interested in "Dispatched" can find more information on the movie's Facebook page. More work from Jarrod can be found on his website or YouTube channel

Contact Katrina Simyab at 608-438-5864. 

Published March 26, 2014. Updated April 4, 2014.