Math instructor helps improve instruction nationwide

George Alexander, Madison College math instructor since 2005, was named to the Carnegie National Faculty by Carnegie Math Pathways. Alexander is a former co-chair of Madison College’s mathematics department. He is also faculty of record for the Credit for Prior Learning course sections for mathematics prerequisites. He joins 32 other faculty from around the country who work to improve student learning and success in math.

Alexander has taught using the CMP quantitative reasoning course for five years. In addition to teaching and being a faculty facilitator, Alexander has worked with the CMP Instructor Notes Design Team and Faculty Improvement Teaching team. He also assisted with piloting contextualized Pathways lessons.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching initiated a network of faculty members, researchers, designers, students and content experts to create a new system that will increase student success in developmental mathematics. Their goal is to reduce the percent of students who enter developmental math classes at community colleges and never complete a college level math class.

“It is clear that George shares a commitment to the students we serve and a passion to see improved performance in serving them through the pathways,” said Karon Klipple, Ph.D., senior director for Carnegie Math Pathways.



Published August 9, 2019.