President's Message

President's Message: Welcome back students

Faculty and Staff: President Daniels welcomes students back to campus for the Fall 2013 semester.

President’s Message: Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Please accept my sincere thanks for the amazing, wonderful, embarrassing, humorous, gratifying … farewell and Gateway Building Opening last Thursday.

Roast and Reception

I will always remember the night, and all the creative and talented people who conceived and executed the evening’s events. Here are the names of those on the tribute planning committee: Corey Helser, Jodi Goldbeck, Chelsey Bowers, Peggy O’Brien, Cary Heyer, Tricia Shields, Chris Schell and Vicki Saffran.

I can only hope the audience forgets most of the jabs the Executive Team’s Roast provided.  I continue to hear, however, comments about Dr. Keith Cornille’s “Chicago Gangster” story! I’m still chuckling when I recount the stories told by Tim Casper and Terry Webb, probably written (or edited) by Cary Heyer. And the comments by Kristin Uttech, representing the faculty, were heart- warming.

Appetizers and Desserts

Oh, the unbelievable, delectable and beautiful array of appetizers and desserts! I was so busy greeting guests that I didn’t get to eat anything, though Chef Paul Short prepared a plate for me to take home. I never saw that one because apparently a house guest devoured it! So, a special thanks to Paul Short, John Johnson, Punky Egan, Suzanne Daly, Jack Hart, Lorin Toepper, Brad Kahn and a host of others including alums, for working your magic again.


I was worried the upbeat Motown music provided by Chelsey Bowers’ band, Honeyshot, might be too loud for some of the guests, but the sound in the Gateway was carefully engineered and controlled by Mark Westenberg  and Matthew Breaux. Many others who helped with setup and technology include Shannon Jiang, Betsy Giese (formerly Rais), Brooks McGrath, Mike Wear, Laura Boomsma, Galen Stielstra, Rusty Biermer, Joe Loescher, Richard Seibt and Michelle Reed.  

The music was terrific – even if many of the Motown lyrics utilized poor grammar! 

You should be proud of the student ambassadors who greeted people and gave tours. They were knowledgeable and friendly, while looking so “smart” in their Madison College shirts. And a special thanks to Nick Bartell and Dan Edwards for the gallery images and video.

Behind the scenes there may have been havoc, but the events team and the planning committee made the entire operation appear flawless. Others who helped behind the scenes include Bob Dinndorf, Bill Bessette, Robin Gee, Kathleen O’Toole Smith, Diane Walleser, Tammy Thayer, Patricia Svendsen and Betsy Osterberger. And, of course, thanks to John Feller, Findorff Project Manager and Mike Stark for ensuring the Gateway was ready to showcase to our college community and my family and friends.

Welcome Center

Thanks to all who made the “Welcome Center” naming, lettering and launching possible. For me the booth symbolizes what Madison College is – a place where all are welcome, and where we will take anyone as far as they want to achieve!

Thank you, Madison College, and thanks especially to the Foundation, District Board and people whose names I may have missed.  And finally, thanks to all those who attended the event, thus contributing to the Foundation for the success of our students. 


President's Message extra: Friday, June 7

Dear Faculty and Staff:

I would like to thank all of those who helped with moving faculty and staff from their existing locations to the new locations the past several weeks. The moves were efficient, well planned and went very smoothly.  I sincerely appreciate all your help and assistance as the College moves toward opening our new buildings.

*To read the President's full message for this week dated Monday, June 3, please click here


President’s Message: Monday, June 3, 2013

Dear Faculty & Staff: 

NJCAA Baseball World Series

Last week I had the opportunity of watching our baseball team advance in the 2013 NJCAA 75th World Series in Enid, Oklahoma.  Not only did our team finish third in the nation by playing well and beating a top team, but throughout the series they were such gentlemen and team players that I couldn’t be prouder! In fact, I’d like to share a story during the tournament.  On Wednesday night our team was not playing but watching from the bleachers.  It started to storm, and the entire field needed to be covered.  No players were helping, and volunteers were trying to get the cover in place.  Within minutes the WolfPack came to the rescue – our students jumped out of the stands and helped cover the field … it was really first class! 

Residents from Enid supported various teams in the World Series, and there was quite a cadre of fans that we borrowed from Oklahoma for our WolfPack team.  They wore our shirts, shook our pompoms, rooted for our team and made us feel at home; in fact, they invited our team to a barbeque. 

But what really impressed me was how our young men adopted a special-needs child and let him sit near the dugout and greet them between innings.  The child was in awe of the attention and the chance to be close to his new heroes.  My WolfPack hat is off to our talented students, and of course, Coach Mike Davenport and his staff.

NAFSA Conference

I also attended the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA) conference last week and observed a presentation by Dr. Geoff Bradshaw, director of international education, who told the story of our international programs and its growth.  During his presentation he gave hints to other schools about how to develop an international program.  Again, I was so proud to realize the respect that other colleges, not only in the U.S. but around the world, have for Dr. Bradshaw and Madison College.

Intro to Engineering Design Class Project

Just one more way I felt extraordinarily proud last week of our students, faculty and staff was the chance to view a video about an engineering design class project that Arts & Science instructor Ken Walz sent me.  Students were tasked with developing a system that was capable of blending biodiesel with petro-diesel and fuel additives for improved performance in extreme seasonal temperatures.  The students presented their class project at the UW-Madison in May.  Here’s a link to the video

So in my waning days here at the College, I’m again reminded how fortunate we all are to be able to be a part of this awesome institution.

Recent Activities

  • Participated in Community College Consortium for Autism and Intellectual Disabilities (CCCAID) conference call to discuss legislative strategy related to the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.
  • Greeted and met with Japanese representatives of the Benesse Corporation of Japan who toured the College with District Board Trustee Jo Oyama-Miller;
  • Greeted and met with two instructors, Bodil Hess Toft and Susanne Schroeder, from the International Business College (IBC) in Frederecia, Denmark, who toured the College and discussed our partnership for an upcoming study abroad week;
  • Attended the NAFSA Campus Presidents Day Annual Conference in St. Louis;
  • Attended the NJCAA Baseball World Series tournament in Enid, Oklahoma;
  • Met with Doug Nelson, president/BMO Harris and Doug Palm from United Way to discuss this year's United Way campaign;
  • Participated in a Facilities Master Plan Project Team meeting; and
  • Wednesday I will be attending and presenting at the American Association for Women in Community College Leaders Institute in Salt Lake City.

I’d like to close with a quote by Michael Milken, financier and philanthropist: “The future of our country is not found in our boardrooms, but in our classrooms.”

Thank you for everything you do for our students and communities.


President's Message: May 15, 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff:

At the recent African-American Youth Career Fair, Sabrina Madison read a poem she wrote that I’d like to share with you here.  Sabrina is a former Madison College student who works in Retention & Student Services and is a spoken-word performing artist in the community.

Spring Graduation

Spring graduation is scheduled for this Friday, May 17, 2013, 5:30 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center.

May 8 Board Meeting

In addition to conducting the Public Hearing on the Fiscal Year 2013-14 budget last Wednesday, the Board authorized staff to:  1) approve the budget modifications for Fiscal Year 2012-13; 2) proceed with capital projects borrowing not to exceed $7,500,000; and 3) establish a contract with Assemblage Architects for architectural and engineering services to develop construction documents, schematic designs, design development documents and detailed construction documents for the full Downtown Education Center renovation project including the Culinary project.  The Student Life Office presented on Alternative Break Service Trips.


As we near the end of this school year, here are names of favorite faculty and staff that I’ve received recently (and also from cleaning out a winter purse).

Simon Allard, Microbiology

Lauren Bloom, Arts and Sciences

Tony Cina, Adult Basic Education

Suzanne Daly, Baking and Pastry Arts

Connie Deanovich, Arts and Sciences

Charles Ditzler, Criminology

Maureen Egan, Baking and Pastry Arts

Kevin Foley, College Preparedness and Academic Advancement

Amy Gilliland, Arts and Sciences

Scott Johnson, Earth Science

Jason Lopez, Arts and Sciences

Rocio Martinez, Guidance and Counseling

Herbert Nelson, Applied Arts

Ryan Roling, English as a Second Language

Gail Shearer, Adult Basic and Developmental Education

Colette Sisco, Philosophy

Joshua Stokdyk, Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Van Ginkel, Biology

Recent Activities

  • The Executive Team and I toured the new Gateway Center;
  • Attended a Facilities Master Plan Project Team meeting;
  • Enjoyed the Spring Portfolio Show at Monona Terrace;
  • Attended the South Campus and West Campus cookouts;
  • Attended a Downtown Rotary meeting;
  • Attended the District Board meeting;
  • Participated in a WTCS Presidents Association Wisline meeting;
  • Facilitated the last President's Advisory Team meeting of this school year;
  • Presented awards to the finalists and grand prize winner of the Madison College Challenge;
  • Attended Administrative Brown Bag;
  • Attended a TEMPO networking luncheon;
  • Met with the student senate president; and
  • This afternoon I will be greeting guests and congratulating our 2012-13 retirees at the annual retirement celebration.

I’d like to close with a quote from Thomas Sankara, former President of Burkina Faso in West Africa.  This year’s student senate president, Ousmane Kabre, is from Burkina Faso and hopes to return to his country after he finishes his education at UW-Madison and bring the community college concept to his country.  Thomas Sankara was assassinated in 1987, but his people still revere him.  “I want people to remember me as someone whose life has been helpful to humanity.”

If you are leaving the College for the summer, this is probably the last message you will receive from me.  I wish you a restful summer and a wonderful future – and I thank you for the many ways you have enriched my life.  Thanks, too, for everything you do for our students and communities.


President's Message: May 1, 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff:

I returned to Madison last Wednesday night from attending the Higher Education Research & Development Institute (HERDI) and American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) conferences in San Francisco.  Both conferences covered critical issues in the community college world today.  Some of the most important topics included: student success and completion, advisement, predictive analysis, cyber security, international education and guns on campus.  I’ve attached a link of the opening keynote address by Sal Khan on the use of Khan Academies in community colleges:  Khan Academy founder likes what he sees in community colleges

I am also attaching links to articles which summarize two of the topics of the conference that I thought would be of interest to you. The first is, “New Chiefs of 2-Year Colleges Must Meet Revenue and Innovation Challenges,” which gives insight into the presidential qualities needed in the 21st century.

The second article, "Effective Advising: Learning from students' experiences,” describes the critical need for re-examining and transforming advisement processes.

Actually, we are involved in expanding our advisement services and have hired a new director just for this purpose, Mary Schey, who left the University of Wisconsin to join us.  Mary will report to Jennifer Hoege in Enrollment Management and will supervise our entire corps of advisors.  Please welcome Mary and give her the support she needs in this critical arena, as both enrollment and retention depend in many ways on her leadership.

Presidential Search

Thank you for providing input at the presidential search listening sessions. The sessions have concluded, and the notes have been compiled and sent to the search firm.  Completed applications are due at The Hollins Group offices by May 17.  You may have noticed that our ad was the featured position in The Chronicle of Higher Education this week.


Here are names of favorite faculty that students have given me recently:

Nataliya Batina, Arts & Sciences
William Burke, Health Related Professions
Larry Hansen, Journalism
Natasha Kassulke, Arts & Sciences
Norma Kropp, Paralegal
Patricia Marco, Marketing
Tamesia King Sosa, Spanish
Julie Trimmel, Human Services
Kristin Uttech, Marketing

More Marvels

In case you missed the announcement in Matters, last week administrators from the College and UW-Whitewater were at the Fort Atkinson campus to formalize a direct program-to-program transfer of credits between the two schools.  Two articulation agreements were signed:  1) the Liberal Arts Journalism Pathway program begins at Madison College and is designed for students who obtain an associate degree in liberal arts, but wish to complete the coursework required to earn a baccalaureate degree in journalism from UW-Whitewater's College of Arts and Communication; and 2) the Liberal Arts Business Pathway is tailored toward Madison College students who complete a customized mix of liberal arts and business courses leading to an associate degree. Once the associate degree is achieved, students can then pursue a bachelor's degree in any major offered by UW-Whitewater's College of Business and Economics.  A special thanks goes to Turina Bakken, Shawna Carter, Larry Hansen, Todd Stebbins, Terry Webb and Bryan Woodhouse for facilitating this agreement and Lynn Forseth for hosting the signing ceremony.

This is the third articulation agreement we’ve signed with schools in the University of Wisconsin system in the past two months.

Recent Activities

  • Welcomed guests at the International Education Institute – the College hosted 55 people from across the country for special training on best practices for health and safety for study abroad.  Dr. Geoffrey Bradshaw, director of international education, did a marvelous job again.
  • Attended and welcomed students, staff and guests at the Student Success Awards.  This is one of my favorite events because we celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students, and the event is planned and executed by them.  This year’s theme was “New Orleans” and was one of the best I’ve attended.  Special kudos to all of the advisors whose work made the difference for the students receiving awards.  I happened to be at the table with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) advisors Tiffany Esser and Jessica Mahne, and saw the pride on their faces when their students won two big awards (Academic Achievement and Community Service).  I’d also like to point out that Matthew Sargent and Timothy Sharpe received this year’s Distinguished Teachers Awards. 
  • Welcomed our guests at the 48th Annual Athletics Banquet to recognize the success of our student athletes and received the Doug Redsten Memorial Athletic Service Award.  I encourage you to take your family and friends to the softball and baseball games and root for the WolfPack!  The regional tournaments will be held this weekend on our campus.
  • Attended the annual International Bioethics Forum at Promega – the theme was Creative Insight:  Further Studies in Human Consciousness.
  • Attended the baseball game on Friday afternoon, where we actually had sunny and dry weather.
  • And on Saturday I gave a welcome at the Annual Pow Wow and attended the women’s softball game.  By the way, I was so impressed to hear that the “softball parents” get together and provide a tailgate for everyone.

I’d like to close with a quote on the Doug Redsten Memorial Athletic Service Award.  “When the one great scorer comes to write against your name – he marks – not that you won or lost – but how you played the game.” – Grantland Rice

Thank you for everything you do for our students and communities.



President's Message: April 12, 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff:

First, please accept my sincere thanks for all of the kind support so many of you have extended to me and my family during these past difficult weeks.  My father choked on a piece of steak on March 23, died on March 29 and was buried on April 3.  I just want you to know how much we appreciated the flowers, cards and emails sent by so many of you.  I will always remember those from the Executive Team that drove 12 hours round trip to attend the visitation or funeral.  I know that many of you have lost a parent and know firsthand how hard it is … so thank you for your many acts of kindness.


We are five weeks from graduation, and the weather is depressing!  I know the students in your classes are probably crabby and demanding at this point in the semester.  So hang on … I know Spring will arrive soon; in any case, graduation will take place at the Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.

April 10 Board Meeting

The Board authorized staff to: 1) take the proposed Fiscal Year 2013-14 budget to public hearing on May 8, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. in room 122 at Truax; 2) approve the low bid meeting specifications from J. H. Findorff & Sons to perform backfill remodeling work at Truax; and 3) approve the low bid meeting specifications from Miron Construction Co. for improvements at the South Madison Campus.  The Student Senate gave a presentation on FY2012-13 accomplishments and current initiatives.  We also made the Board aware of the changes taking place at the Higher Learning Commission, and the difficult task we have to comply with new portfolio questions.  As you know, accreditation is of utmost importance to our College.

I’ve attached a summary of the steps we took to arrive at next year’s budget (PDF, 197 KB), in case you did not attend one of the budget discussions held at most of our campuses led by Provost Terry Webb and Assistant Vice President Tim Casper



The following are names of favorite faculty I’ve received from students lately:

Arik Doak, Philosophy
John Drake, English
Jack Hart, Hospitality
Kevin McGuinnis, Hospitality
Paul Peeders, Math
Carl Schuster, Anatomy and Physiology
Matthew Sargent, Sociology
Brian Schmoldt, Accounting

More Marvels

Madison College Libraries have been honored as a top Social Media Friendly library in the country. Of the 442 colleges and university libraries evaluated, Madison College ranked 49th – a top 100 honoree. No other Wisconsin school made the top 100, and we are the highest ranking technical college on the list. Congrats Julie Gores and team on this great achievement!

Craig Lathrop, automotive instructor, informed that that the College had a great showing at our State Skills USA Conference.  Students competed in 13 different competitions – we placed in 9 competitions, took 1st place in 7 competitions and a total medal count of 16 medals:

Automotive Service Technology 1st
Job Interview 1st (automotive student)
Automated Manufacturing 1st (team of 3)
Precision Machining 1st and 2nd
Automotive Refinishing 2nd and 3rd
Collision Repair 1st and 3rd
Cosmetology 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Diesel Equipment 2nd
State Pin Design 1st, 2nd and 3rd (cosmetology student s 1st and 2nd auto body student 3rd)

We also had students compete in Carpentry, Cabinetmaking, Power Equipment, and Motorcycle service.  Congratulations and thank you, everyone, for your great support of our students!

Recent Activities

  • Attended the Administrative Brown Bag;
  • Attended a Facilities Master Plan project team meeting;
  • Gave a presentation on the mission and purpose of higher education at the UW School of Education;
  • Attended a presentation by Undersecretary of Education Martha Kanter, on higher education issues in the federal government today;
  • Attended a Downtown Rotary meeting and heard Rotarian Tripp Widder and Madison Public Library director Greg Mickells discuss the new Central Library;
  • Participated in a District Board meeting;
  • Greeted company representatives at the Career Fair; and
  • Attended the WTCS Presidents’ Association meeting on Friday.

I’d like to close with a quote from Bill Cosby. “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

Thank you for everything you do for our students and communities.


President's Message: March 22, 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff:
It was heartwarming to see so many of you at Convocation last week, and uplifting to see the individuals and groups get their most deserved recognition.  My presentation focused on past Convocations, our budget and a report from Noel-Levitz on trends in enrollment predictions, shifting demographics, changing economic models, worker training and student completion demands.  You’ll be hearing more about these new trends in the coming months.
I also discussed the reverse articulation agreement we signed with UW-Madison last week.  This agreement allows Madison College students who have earned at least 30 credits to transfer to UW-Madison, pick up the classes required for an associate degree from them, and then receive their associate degree from Madison College.  UW-Madison Interim Chancellor David Ward stated that this is a win-win for both institutions.  The advantages I see for students are added motivation to complete, increased employment advantage and the probability of two earned degrees (AAS and BS).
We will be signing articulation agreements with UW-Platteville and UW-Whitewater in the near future.  These will facilitate transferring to those universities for our students.
March 13 Board Meeting
The Board Authorized staff to:  1) execute a contract with Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin for lease of a 4,196 square foot health clinic in the new Health Education Building at no build out cost to the College and with a monthly lease return for the commons areas and maintenance costs, at a minimum; 2) execute a contract for health services that establishes a scope of services and sufficient annual cap amounts for students and qualifying employees; and 3) accept a three year proposal from Triangle Services for cleaning services at Madison College’s West Campus, South Campus, Downtown Campus, Commercial Avenue Campus, and the Foundation Centre.  The Board also approved maintaining the hourly wage rate of $9.10 for student help and College Work Study for FY 2013-14.
Board Appointments
On Monday the annual Appointment Committee meeting and public hearing to consider applications for membership on the District Board was held.  Two new members will be joining the Board in July:  Joseph Hasler, an attorney from Reedsburg and Shawn Pfaff, Mayor of Fitchburg.  Dr. Carolyn Stoner was reappointed.  As a result of the voting, Frances Huntley-Cooper and Dr. Noel Radomski will be leaving the Board at the end of this fiscal year.  I can’t emphasize enough how fortunate the College is to have had board members who are so conscientious, intelligent and well intentioned – their dedication to the College has been exceptional.  We will have an orientation session for our new Board members and look forward to the experience and contributions they will bring to the Board as we move forward. 
I’ve had a chance to meet and talk with many of our students recently – following are names of faculty and staff mentioned as favorites:
George Alexander, Math
Barbara DuCharme, College Success
Teri Gorder, Nursing
Kate Grovergrys, Spanish
Miranda Hawk, Speech
Nancy Johnson, Accounting
Jim Langkamp, Music
Oana Martin, Chemistry
Julie Monroe, Reading/College Success
Martha Olsen, Adult Basic Ed
Ron Olson, Mechanical Tech
Stephanie Robey, English
Wayne Sigelkow, Math
Timothy Twohill, American Literature
Rochelle Wanner, Retention & Student Services
More Marvels
The Ingenuity Center had a visitor from Korea last week – K.J. (Johnny) Seo, whose company builds CNC machine tools.  Dean Ken Starkman had met Mr. Seo at an event in Chicago last September.  Mr. Seo was very impressed with the College and asked if he could send Korean learners here to study and then return to work for his company!  Thank you, Dean Starkman, for meeting with Mr. Seo and discussing our manufacturing programs, giving him a tour of our new Ingenuity Center and introducing him to staff in our International Office.
Recent Activities

  • Participated in a reverse articulation signing ceremony with UW-Madison;
  • Attended an Administrative Brown Bag luncheon;
  • Welcomed guests at a Philanthropy Education Organization that was organized by Foundation Board member Pam Druhan;
  • Participated in a Facilities Master Plan Project Team meeting;
  • Attended a welcome reception for Dr. Jennifer Cheatham, MMSD’s new superintendent;
  • Attended Downtown Rotary meetings;
  • Participated in a District Board meeting;
  • Welcomed new faculty and staff at a new employee orientation session;
  • Attended and gave a college update at the annual Board Appointment meeting;
  • Visited the ‘Global Showcase’ event organized by the international education department;
  • Participated in a Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting;
  • Met with Zach Brandon, president of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce;
  • Hosted a President’s Table that included community leaders; and
  • Attended the Wisconsin Campus Compact 100th Anniversary Civic Engagement Institute at UW-Madison.

I’d like to end with a quote from a book I’m reading by Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow.  “If we stay where we are, where we’re stuck, where we’re comfortable and safe, we die there.  We become like mushrooms, living in the dark, with poop up to our chins.  If you want to know only what you already know, you’re dying.  You’re saying:  Leave me alone; I don’t mind this little rathole.  It’s warm and dry.  Really, it’s fine.”
Thank you for everything you do for our students and communities.

President's Message: March 8, 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff:

It sure seems like winter isn’t ready to let go yet. Making the decision to close our campuses due to weather is a challenge, but safety is always foremost in our minds. I hope everyone is able to get home safely with the snow expected.

Thank you to all of the staff who work so diligently to get all systems working when we have technology service disruptions. I truly appreciate all of the extra effort.


To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird is coming to the Mitby Theater! Please urge your students to join you in attending a performance. As you know, the message is one we all need to remember and heed in our own lives. Produced by Madison College Performing Arts, Harper Lee’s novel brings to life the struggle of social injustice, the pain of human frailties and the definition of heroism. The play runs March 8-10 and 15-17, Friday/Saturday 7:30 pm, Sunday 2:00 pm. Click here for more information


Graduation at Madison College South Campus

Family and friends of students completing bilingual credit certificates packed the South Campus on Sunday, March 3, to cheer on their graduates.  For the first time since 2004, the ceremony was offered bilingually in an effort to meet the educational needs of Spanish-only speakers at the South Campus. Among the certificates represented were:  Preschool Credential (for the first time both English-only and bilingual students completing), Microsoft Office Basic and Supervisory Management. Congratulations to the 53 students completing these certificates and the staff who helped make this event a success!



Here are names of favorite faculty given to me recently by our students:


Lynn Baldwin, Business Technology

Paul Flogel, Automotive

Andrea Foley, Animal Lab Tech

Teri Gorder, Practical Nursing

Kerri Kliminski, Practical Nursing

Gerald Mahun, Civil Engineering

Toni Nordness, Business and Marketing

Steve Wilcox, Automotive


More Marvels

The College’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) students competed in the State Leadership Conference hosted by Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay recently.  Madison College had 12 members attend and compete against the rest of the state (over 100 students) in 15 events. Our BPA members had three first place, two second place and a total of 27 top ten finishes. The College produced qualifiers in nine events among the other WTCS representatives. Congratulations to accounting instructors Brian Schmoldt and Jeff Quinlan, and everyone else who makes this type of experience possible for our students.


Congratulations and thanks to Corey Helser and the events services team, who ensured a great venue at Madison College West Campus for the ‘Healthy Dane’ press conference last week. According to a representative from UW Health, “I cannot tell you how much it helped us out that your location was available and is so well-outfitted. It was just right for our event and was a major contributor to its success.”


Recent Activities

  • Attended the Madison College vs. Harper College Women’s quarter-finals basketball game;
  • Met with donors to discuss funding for our buildings;
  • Participated in a WTCS UW Colleges Committee conference call;
  • Met with the publisher and editor of WSJ;
  • Attended a TEMPO Umbrian Cooking Class in our Gourmet Dining Room – special thanks to Paul Short and Joe Gaglio for their support;
  • Keith Cornille and I hosted a President's Table that included guests from the Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia, Literacy Network, Urban League and Wisconsin Campus Compact;
  • Welcomed students and visitors at the Wisconsin Collegiate DECA conference; and
  • Participated in a WTCS Presidents’ Association Wisline meeting.


I’d like to close with a quote from a book I’m reading, The Third Industrial Revolution, by Jeremy Rifkin. “The Third Industrial Revolution offers the hope that we can arrive at a sustainable post-carbon era by mid-century and avert catastrophic climate change. We have the science, the technology, and the game plan to make it happen. Now it is a question of whether we will realize the economic possibilities that lie ahead and muster the will to get there in time.”


Thank you for everything you do for our students and communities.



President's Message: February 25, 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff:
It was nice to see many of you at the grand opening of the Protective Services Center last Wednesday. This great new facility is the hub of the College’s first-responder program and will house the criminal justice, fire service and emergency medical technician programs. Immediately following the opening ceremonies, the District Board met and reviewed and approved the regular consent agenda items. The Board also received a facilities update on the culinary arts building proposed at the downtown campus.
Frances Huntley-Cooper, Tim Casper and two of our student leaders (Devon Cook and Adrian Holtzman) joined me in participating at the annual ACCT/AACC National Legislative Summit in Washington, DC recently. We received updates about the status of the federal budget and higher education and workforce development policy issues from a series of experts. On Tuesday, I met with administrators of the U.S. Department of Commerce to discuss future grant opportunities and also with representatives of the Center for American Progress, a think tank, to discuss issues related to our career pathway programs. On Wednesday our delegation met with Senator Tammy Baldwin and Representative Mark Pocan, and met with a staff member from Senator Ron Johnson’s office to discuss issues related to student financial aid and the Higher Education Act.
Summary - Governor Walker’s 2013-15 Biennial Budget Proposal
General State Aid

  • No increase in 2013-14 and a $5 million increase in 2014-15.
  • Beginning in 2014-15, 10 percent of state aid will be distributed based upon performance.
  • The WTCS State Board would be required to develop a performance-based funding formula.

Levy Limits

  • The proposal would permit the College to increase its levy by the greater of the percent change in the value of net new construction in the district or zero percent. The proposal does not affect the debt service levy.

Skills Development Fund

  • The Governor proposes $7.5 million in annual funding to make grants to support training in current and emerging industry clusters. 

FY 13-14 Budget Update & Discussion
Madison College employees are invited to join Terry Webb, Provost, and Tim Casper, Assistant Vice-President for Budget & Public Affairs, for a one-hour session to hear an update on FY 13-14 budget scenarios and to participate in a discussion related to cost savings strategies. Dates, times and locations have been posted in Madison College Matters.

Here are names of favorite instructors that I received from students recently:
Natasha Kassulke, Arts & Sciences
Kim Hollman, Business Management
John Johnson, Culinary Arts
More Marvels
Sandy Docter forwarded an email to me that she received from a friend, who is mentoring a young man from a refugee camp who will graduate from high school this May and wants to attend the College this fall.  “Just to let you know everyone at MATC has been great … Great customer service, helpful information and general helpfulness. Easy to actually talk to a person and the people I have talked with are incredibly helpful and responsive.” This is a testament to the continuous improvement efforts of the College and hard work of the College staff.
Students from The Clarion staff received five awards at the Associated Collegiate Press Best of the Midwest Newspaper Convention in Minneapolis, February 8-10. There were seven individual categories, and The Clarion placed in four of the seven categories, winning three of them. Students from colleges and universities throughout the Midwest attended the convention, including students as far away as North Carolina. Other Wisconsin schools represented at the convention included UW-Green Bay, UW-Platteville, Milwaukee Area Technical College, UW-Madison and Lakeland College. Congratulations to senior program coordinator Doug Kirchberg and Clarion staff!
Recent Activities

  • Attended a Downtown Rotary meeting;
  • Met with international education director Dr. Geoffrey Bradshaw, to review materials for the Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) conference in Atlanta;
  • Welcomed students, faculty, staff and guests at the Protective Services Center ribbon cutting ceremony;
  • Participated in a District Board meeting;
  • Attended the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting;
  • Attended the YWCA Circle of Women Luncheon Fundraiser with Board Chair Frances Huntley-Cooper, Board Trustee Dr. Vera Riley and other college staff;
  • Participated in a Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Presidents Association Wisline meeting to discuss the state budget;
  • Attended the United Way Annual Board Meeting and Volunteer Reception; and
  • Facilitated a President's Advisory Team meeting.

In honor of Black History Month, I’d like to close with a quote from Booker T. Washington. “In all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.”
Thank you for everything you do for our students and communities.