Madison College Minute

No Cellphones

Could you survive without your cellphone? Instructor Kristin Uttech had her mobile marketing class unplug for 24 hours. Find out how many students were able to complete the challenge.

Free Dental Care

Unfortunately, many area kids have never been to the dentist because their parents can’t afford it. So for the past 15 years, Madison College’s Dental Hygienist program has held a free dental care for kids day.


Never Give Up

Sometimes life gets in the way of your education. That’s what happened to Madison College student Brittany Hintch. It took her 5 years, but she finally has her diploma.

Happy Holidays!

President Daniels has invited Wolfie to his holiday dinner. Who will Wolfie bring as his guest? Will Wolfie make it to the dinner on time?

It’s a holiday sweater-wearing story you don’t want to miss.

Congratulations Graduates!

President Jack Daniels has a special message for Madison College graduates.

Health Careers

Madison College health students recently took part in an emergency exercise that was as real as it gets.

Thank You Veterans!

Veterans Day is now behind us, but the gratitude we have for veterans never ends.
Madison College recently held a Veterans Appreciation Ceremony to thank our 800 student veterans and all veterans for their service.

Transfer Fair

Tag along with student Kalib Jackson as he checks out the Madison College Transfer Fair.

Madison College offers more than 140 transfer opportunities in Wisconsin and beyond. 

Hoopin’ It Up

This week, Madison College students, student athletes, faculty and staff had a chance to play against the UW-Whitewater Warhawks, some of the premier wheelchair athletes in the country.

Madison College’s Disability Resource Services empowers and supports students with disabilities. Call (608) 246-6716 for more information.

Campus Fun Day

What do you get when you combine free food with cool tie-dye t-shirts and exciting games from the college’s more than 60 clubs and organizations?

We like to call it Campus Fun Day.


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