Career Fair: 'A smart choice for a smart future'

The Career and Employment Center is pleased to announce an upcoming Career Fair “A Smart Choice for A Smart Future.”
Please suggest students to stop by the Doug Redsten Gym from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 11, 2013.  The event will consist of the following:

  1. Open to Students/Alumni/Public
  2. Network with 50+ Employers!
  3. Students Bring Your One Card! Dress for Success and Bring Your Resume!
  4. Visit Career Fair Informational booths.

Helpful tips:

a. Dress for Success! (Tips from Fashion Marketing, Dental Assistant, Mary Kay and more)

b. Resume Reviews

c. Disability Disclosure

d. Addressing Arrest/Conviction Records

Visit the Career Fair website to see the list of employers already registered to attend:

Event is sponsored by Madison College’s Career and Employment Center, Room 147 Truax Campus, (608) 243-4598.  Additional support provided by Madison College’s Center for Community and Corporate Learning, Athletics, Physical Education, Health & Recreation, and the Madison College Foundation.

Questions? Contact:

Rachel Samuelsen at (608) 243-4129 

Rochelle Wanner at (608) 243-4273

UW Credit Union offering free credit consultations

Throughout Spring Break week, UW Credit Union is offering free credit consultations for Madison College faculty and staff. During your consultation you can obtain your credit score and review your credit report with a financial specialist. This is a great time to check your credit report for errors and fraud! 

Credit consultations are offered at no charge to members and non-members. We will review your credit report and look for opportunities to help you reduce payments, save interest, add convenience, gain financial education and have peace of mind. Credit consultations are designed to benefit everyone, but are tailored exclusively to fit your needs.

To take advantage of this service, please contact Susan Fortenberry, Senior Financial Specialist at 608-232-5000, extension 3350, email her at, or simply stop into the branch to make an appointment.

NYC trip has open spots

Please let students know about two new openings on the New York City Service Trip for next week March 24 – 30, 2013. The team will be doing service to help the hungry and homeless. Visit the New York City service trip web page.

A payment plan may be available for this great opportunity. Students love this service trip!

Students should contact Jacquelyn Dahlke or by phone at (608) 246-6343 for more information.

Tech Services spring break hours

During Madison College's spring break recess Technology Services will have reduced service hours:

March 25 to March 29
7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

This reduction in service hours includes the Technology Services Help Desk. In addition, the College will be closed March 30 and March 31.  

Classes and services will resume on Monday, April 1.

Thank you for Convocation planning

A special thanks to everyone who participated in making mid-semester Convocation a success last week.  

General Support:
-Matters staff                
-Public Safety                
-Events staff
Mitby Theatre              
-Duplicating staff
Human Resources       
-Lisa Lanting
CETL staff                   
-Paul Flogel and WACTE Chapter volunteers
-PT Faculty Union         
-FT & PSRP Union
J H Findorff & Son Inc                          

Opening Session:
-Dr. Bettsey Barhorst     
-Turina Bakken
-Joshua Cotillier             
-Ana Turk
-Robin Craig        
-Ann Camillo
-Laurie Beardsley           
-Paul Morschauser
-Matt Breaux
Jeremy Schrader
-Chelsey Bowers 
-Cary Heyer
-Patricia Svendsen         
-Tim Casper
-Richard Seibt               

Academic Planning Session presenters & planners:
-Andrea Deau
-Lawrence Bechtel 
-Nancy Woodward         
-Alissa Tambone
Ali Zarrinnam               
-Bernie Hoes
-Mary Vlisides               
-Kristin Uttech
-Kristyn Fischer            
-Trey Mireles
-Alan Natachu               
-Cindy Spankowski
-Carlotta Calmese         
-Sandy Hall
-Turina Bakken             
-Kim Hollman
-Joe Lowndes               
-Tom Heaney
Jennie May                  
-Tim Casper
-Robin Craig                 
-Bonnie Vandre-Blewett
-Susan Labelle *            
-Denise Reimer
-Geraldo VilaCruz          
-Jennifer Hoege
-Juanita Comeau           
-Kathleen Radionoff
-Mark Lausch                
-Shawna Carter
-Teresa Werhane          
-Richard Seibt


Breakout Session presenters:
-Diane Soles                 
-Jeff Russell *
ara Bugni                  
-Gilbert Villalpando  
-Kristin Gebhardt          
-Chris Hinrichs *
-Claire Strader *            
-Jennifer Edens
-Phil Gasper                 
-Emily Sanders
-Matt Stohr *                 
-Barb Anderegg
Ron Frye                     
-Jeremy Kautza
Mike Stark                  
-Diane Walleser
-Brian Landers              
-Anna Marie Hoffman
-Kristy Igl *                  
-Scott Savage *
-Jimmy Cheffen

*denotes a thank you to an external partner. 

Thank you to anyone else we forget to include. Your support of professional development for one another is extraordinary! Thank you.

-Patrick Barlow
Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


College optimizing accelerated and online learning courses

Due to a joint effort amongst the Operations Hub staff, Tech Services Staff, CETL Faculty Fellows, and the School of Online & Accelerated Learning staff, a new online tool has been created to better prepare students for online and accelerated classes at Madison College. Beginning this summer we will pilot an Online Orientation to Accelerated and Online Learning. When students register for a subset of online and accelerated classes this summer and fall they will be required to complete the Online Orientation to Accelerated and Online Learning prior to being able to enroll in the class; students who have successfully taken an online or accelerated class in the last three semesters at Madison College will not be required to complete the orientation.
The Orientation to Accelerated and Online Learning (facilitated through Blackboard) was created to help students make an informed decision about whether to enroll in courses and/or programs that are in online or accelerated formats. The orientation introduces them to the online and accelerated format, advises them on the expectations of learners and includes a self-assessment that will assist them with determining whether the online or accelerated format is a good fit for them. This Orientation will not be a barrier to registration, but rather will give the student a summary of their assessment results, identify potential areas of concern in regards to readiness and provide resource information to the student to address those concerns. Regardless of the student’s scores, they will be able to register for their online or accelerated course immediately upon completion of the assessment in the orientation.
The team hopes to assess data from this pilot to determine next steps with implementation. The team also hopes to work on a similar strategy for hybrid and short-term classes in the near future.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carly Brady, Project Leader, in the School of Online & Accelerated Learning.

Graduation rescheduled for May 17

Madison College's spring 2013 graduation is now slated for Friday, May 17, at 5:30 p.m.

The ceremony will take place at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison.

For more information visit the Graduation web page.

Textbook adoption due date approaches

Textbook adoptions and class supply lists for summer and fall 2013 are due to the Bookstore by April 1, 2013. Textbook adoption forms have been distributed in your mailboxes.

The bookstore must receive this information by the due date to prepare the buyback list. 

Used book buybacks will be held during final exam week, May 13-17, 2013.

Based on your feedback and suggestions, we have centralized the textbook ordering process, and how to submit adoptions. No matter where your class is held, please submit your adoption to the Truax Bookstore. Please indicate the location your class will be held on the adoption form.

If you would like to place your textbook adoptions online, you can do so at Click on “Faculty”, complete the form, and click “Submit” when finished. Upon submission, you will receive an email confirming your order.

Together we can help students save money:
Two students benefit from one used book! Your current student receives cash back at buyback, and your future student saves money purchasing the same book next semester. The bookstores will be buying used books based on the information you provide.

When selecting your textbooks, keep in mind that we will order whatever book you choose. If it is your intention to order a custom, bundled, or unbound textbook, please keep in mind that the ability to rent books and buy back used copies is affected. These types of books are often not available from a used book wholesaler and also can’t be placed in our rental program. After completing a course, students may not be able to sell the unbound, bundled, or custom book to the Bookstore due to missing or incomplete components. If ordering a bundled textbook, it is critical that you inform us which components (CD’s Access codes, study guides, etc.) are used for your class so we can collect them at buyback.

Contact Mike Panten at the Truax Bookstore (608)243-4634. 

Thank you for your support in this continuing effort to better serve our students!

-Scott Heiman, Madison College Bookstore Manager

-Terrance S. Webb, Provost

Master Blackboard to improve student involvement

Blackboard 9.1: Beyond the Basics – Wednesday and Thursday, May 29-30, 2013 – Truax, Room 220A

Instructor: Nancy Woodward, Faculty, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

This two-day training is for faculty who have been using Blackboard in their face-to-face, online, accelerated or hybrid classes. Pre-requisite: Successful completion of “Getting Started in Blackboard 9.1” or “Enhancing Your Class with Blackboard” or experience using Blackboard.

If you are not sure if this class is for you, contact Nancy Woodward at 608-246-5210 and she will help you determine your Blackboard skill level.

The training is two days, May 29-30, 2013 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day and participants must attend all sections to receive recertification credit. (1 credit)

Making the Most of Discussions – Wednesday a.m.

This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the Discussion Board tool. Participants will first use the tool as a student, becoming familiar with how it will appear to your own students. Then, turning to the instructor perspective, you will learn to use the tool at each point in the lifecycle of discussions—from creating forums and threads to moderating, managing, and grading discussions. Along the way, we will discuss pedagogical and practical issues related to using discussions in online courses.

Advanced Communication – Wednesday p.m.
This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the advanced communication tools used for self-reflection, collaboration, and communication with the instructor and classmates. Journals, Blogs, and Wikis give students the opportunity to share and construct knowledge. Participants will explore the tools from the student perspective and then, as instructors, determine the settings that will help them create meaningful assignments. These advanced communication tools offer another way instructors can assess their students’ grasp of the course content. Along the way, participants will discover best practices and practical issues related to using these tools in online courses.

Mastering the Grade Center – Thursday a.m.
This workshop provides a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to the Grade Center tool. Participants will first experience the student perspective by exploring the My Grades tool and becoming familiar with how grades will appear to their own students. Then, turning to the instructor perspective, you will learn how to navigate the Grade Center and customize it to suit your needs. Next, you will create columns to manage and calculate grades. Finally, you will learn how to enter and manage grades, as well as utilize the Needs Grading page for efficient grading.

Collaborating with Groups – Thursday p.m.
This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to using the Groups tool. Participants will first use the tool as a student, as they explore how to access Groups and use the collaboration tools. From the instructor perspective, you will create Groups, enable collaboration tools to fit their requirements, and create and grade Group Assignments. Along the way, we will discover best practices and practical issues related to using the Groups tool in online courses.


Please contact Nancy Woodward in CETL.

Learner Success Program Analysis data system available in Blackboard

As introduced at the recent FY1314 Budget Update & Discussion sessions, the Learner Success Program Analysis Data System is now available in Blackboard under Learner Success > Program Analysis Data or Budget News > Program Analysis Data. 

Unsure how to access this information through Blackboard?

Feel free to contact either Beth Eggemeier at (608) 243-4856 or Denise O’Rourke at (608) 246-6080.