Grant writing is focus of next Writer's Life event Feb. 26

The life and skills of grant writers will be explored at the next Madison College Writer's Life series event, "Shaking the Money Tree: The Grant Writing Life," to be held at 7 p.m.,Thursday, Feb. 26, in Room 240 on the Downtown campus (211 N. Carroll St., Madison).

“People often don’t realize how important grant writing is,” says Roe Parker, who is one of three panelists at the event. “Grants often bring in thousands of dollars to a non-profit organization. How a grant is written impacts the very survival of departments and agencies.”

Parker has worked as a grant writer and manager of several multi-million dollar grant programs. He has also taught grant writing courses sponsored by the college, United Way, and other public agencies for more than 14 years. Since 2007, Madison College’s Grant Writing Essentials non-credit course, taught by Parker, has had more than175 students.  (The spring semester course begins Feb. 25).

Parker is joined by Denise McKay, a writer in the Madison College Grants Office, and Jeffrey Galligan, a Madison College adviser and program coordinator who regularly writes grants for his department.

McKay has more than 25 years of experience developing federal, state, local and private grants in the non-profit and higher education sectors. She began her career as the education director of a community-based organization before coming to Madison College in 1998. At the college she has coordinated many grant-funded education projects and has been a full-time grant developer for almost ten years.

Galligan is the senior adviser for the TRiO/Student Support Services program and the program coordinator for the Scholars of Color Mentoring Program at Madison College. Grant writing is a key element of his work at the college.

The Writer’s Life Lecture Series, sponsored by Madison College’s Journalism and Creative Writing Programs and the Madison College School of Continuing Education, presents a monthly program that showcases the careers of local writers and journalists.

The event is free and open to the public.

Digging Deeper: Quality Matters Standard 1.1 – Do your students know what to do first?

Source: Faculty eCommons

Over 90 percent of students say knowing exactly how to start or what to do when they enter is the most important challenge in an online course.

Quality Matters Standard 1.1 directly addresses this important element. We invite you to review this standard in more depth and consider how you address it in your own course. 

General Standard 1 – Course Overview and Introduction: The overall design of the course is made clear to the learner at the beginning of the course.

Standard 1.1: Instructions make clear how to get started and where to find various course components.

While this standard may seem a bit obvious, it is often overlooked. In online courses, the last thing we want to happen is for the technology and navigation to get in the way of learning.

Therefore, this standard requires that once a student is in a course, there is no question as to where they need to go first and where they can find each component in the course.

This can manifest in several ways: We suggest either an opening announcement on the home page that sets a welcoming tone for the course and uses strong directional language /or a large button/section that simply states, “Start here.”

See below for an example of how we meet this standard in our suggested course shell.


As you can see, all of the major components of the course, including where to start, appear on the course home page.

Prefer to use an announcement-based approach? 

Click here for details on how to meet this standard through a welcome announcement.

About QM at Madison College: Quality Matters training, course reviews and support is open to all faculty.

Engaging in the process is optional, and faculty are invited to use the principles and standards as appropriate in their online and hybrid courses. 

For more information, contact Tina Rettler-Pagel or Nancy Woodward.

Top five things to know about court reporting

Have you ever wondered what types of jobs court reporters do? Here we list five things to know about the court reporting career. 

1. In the next five years, there will be 5,500 court reporting jobs available in the United States. The average starting income is $45,000. The court reporting program at Madison College has 100 percent job placement. At a time when unemployment rates continue to plague much of the country, this field is projecting a national surge in opportunity.

2. Court reporters are guardians of the record in county, state and federal courts. You can also see them front and center in the House of Representatives and Congress. But did you know that the same skills used to make the court record are used for closed captioning for television? With some additional training, you could have a career where you are paid to watch TV!

3. Don’t have an interest in working a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.?  Freelance court reporters primarily work taking depositions and have flexibility with their schedule. Court reporting has long been a profession where your income potential is six figures. Many reporters have taken it to the next level and become small business owners running their own freelance firms.

4. Do you have a heart for service? CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) providers serve the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities in classrooms, courtrooms and various other venues. Their instant translation of the spoken word into English can be displayed on an individual’s computer monitor or projected on a screen to appear as captions.Your role as a communication facilitator is highly rewarding! 

5. Court reporters capture conversations and convert them into written form. All this listening pays off. With an average starting salary of $45,000, this career has risen to the surface as a standout option for those interested in meaningful work with healthy compensation. Court reporting provides endless opportunities for those who master the art of typing characters precisely. But more than that, it’s a profession that rewards hard-working individuals focused on transcribing with speed, accuracy and ethics – all this with flexible schedule options!


The Gallery seeks exhibition requests

The Gallery at Truax is working towards finalizing their 2015-2016 exhibition calendar. 

If you are interested in having a show, please complete the Exhibit Request Form online. 

Exhibit requests are due by March 1, and final decisions will be made by March 31.

Contact, Wendy Franczak at (608) 246-6369. 

Career and Employment Center conducts student survey to increase job placement upon graduation

Madison College's Career and Employment Center (CEC) is conducting a survey of our students who are close to graduating.

Current students who have completed at least 85 percent of their course load will receive a survey invitation in their Madison College email this week.

Please encourage them to complete this very important survey online. This survey is designed to identify students who may be having difficulty finding a job within their field of study upon graduation.

The feedback from this survey will help the CEC to customize workshops, trainings and one-on-one sessions to better support and service students.

It is imperative that the college does all it can to prepare and help our students be successful in their future careers.

 If you know of any students graduating this year, please ask them to look for this survey in their email and complete it.

The survey will close Thursday, Feb. 26. As an added incentive, all of the invited students who complete the survey and opt-in will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Visa gift card. 

If you have any questions, please contact Amber Buschmann in the Career and Employment Center at (608) 243-4531.


Animal adoption program now open

The Veterinary Technician Program animal adoption program is open to the public starting Feb. 18.

The animal adoption program is located on the Truax campus, across from the Child and Family Center.

Optical Technician program services available at Truax

The Optical Dispensary in Room 271 in the Health Education Building offers dress, prescription sunglasses and safety glasses.

Students and staff from the Optometric Technician program can help you with your lens and frame selection. Also, the students and staff may make minor repairs/ adjustments to existing glasses at no cost.

Persons interested in ordering glasses from the optical dispensary should bring with them valid (no more then two years old), written, signed and dated copy of their prescription and allow one hour for this appointment.

Services are available to all current students, staff, faculty, Madison College alumni members and retirees. 

To ensure the Optometric Technician students are available when you come in, appointments are strongly encouraged and can be made by calling (608)-246-6272.

Hours of operation: 
Fall semester: 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 
Spring semester: Thursday's 1 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. and Friday's 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Vision Screening Services 

The students of the Optometric Technician Program perform the screenings with the supervision of an instructor. 

Appointments take about one hour and are available from January through April on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. 

Vision screenings include a visual acuity measurement, eye pressure test, color and depth perception tests, pupillary light reflex testing and a blood pressure reading.

Key findings will be given to you in written form. Sorry, eyeglass prescription will not be issued. 

Free vision screenings are available to students, faculty, staff and family members. 

To ensure a technician student is available for a vision screening call (608) 246-6272 for an appointment. 

National Court Reporting and Captioning Week Feb. 15-21

The annual celebration is designed to help increase the public’s awareness about the growing number of employment opportunities the profession offers — an estimated 5,500 jobs in the next five years. 

Madison College's Court Reporting Program is hosting an open house all week in their dedicated real-time lab Truax Campus Room D3622.

Stop by between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for refreshments and a chance to "Stump the Stenographer" for prizes — grand prize is “lunch for two” in the Gourmet Dining Room. 

If you don't wander to the third floor often, stop by the cafeteria this Wednesday, Feb. 18 or Monday, Feb. 23 to watch a demo, try writing something on some antique machines and find out how students can make six figures in this growing field! 

Madison College's program received a FIPSE grant for $550,000 and has scholarship funds available for students.

As part of the grant process, the program has been completely renovated to a competency-based model with no more than 12 credits a semester (year-round) and well-paying jobs waiting for them upon graduation!

 Madison College program has 100 percent job placement. 

Attention faculty: 

Lee Carey would love the opportunity to visit your classroom and do a short real-time demo (three minutes tops). Lee can do online classes too as court reporting is one of our online/hybrid programs. 

Not many people know that the same skills used in the courtroom are used to provide closed captioning for live television. It truly is a fascinating, technological field. Successful captioners can write at 225 wpm with 98 percent accuracy!

Students in classes relating to technology, English, communication, legal, protective services, music, or disability services may be interested.


Upcoming employers visits to Madison College

The Career and Employment Center is pleased to announce an upcoming employer visit from Drake and Company Staffing Specialists. Please stop by the table in the cafeteria from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 24, to learn about exciting career opportunities. Lynette and Stephanie from Drake and Company Staffing Specialists.


The Career and Employment Center is pleased to announce an upcoming employer visit from Spherion. Please stop by the table in the cafeteria from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 25, to learn about exciting career opportunities. Kim and Taryn from Spherion will be available to tell you more and answer your questions.


The Career and Employment Center is pleased to announce an upcoming employer visit from Menards. Please stop by the table in the cafeteria from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 26, to learn about exciting career opportunities. Benjamin and Jess from Menards will be available to tell you more and answer your questions.


Madison College hosts Nursing Assistant/Nursing job fair

Madison College will host the Nursing Assistant/Nursing job fair on Tuesday, Feb. 24, from 12 to 4 p.m. at the Health Education building. 

More than 15 employers will attend. 

Contact, the Career and Employment Center at (608) 243-4598.